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300px-Reach - Supercarrier
Bringer of Revenge
Production information

CSO-class supercarrier


Covenant Empire

Technical specifications

28.960 kilometers


11.447 kilometers


3.563 kilometers

Engine unit(s)

Repulsor Engine

Slipspace Drive



Unknown Covenant material

Navigation system

Navigation computer


Seven energy protectors, Plasma turrets, Pulse laser turrets, Plasma torpedos


Several Thousand

Minimum crew

Two Thousand


Supreme Commander, Commander, legions




Human-Covenant War


Fleet of Everlasting Turmoil's main capitol ship


Covenant Navy


The Bringer of Revenge was the Fleet of Everlasting Turmoil's main capitol ship. It was destroyed during the Battle of Alpha-Omega, when it crashed on Alpha-Omega. Its commanders were Kiar 'Bardenee and Voln 'Cartyn (the backup commander).


The Bringer of Revenge, along with the Bringer of Death (a ship created to be a backup capitol ship for the Fleet of Everlasting Turmoil), were created on October 15, 2552. They both first appeared, along with the Fleet of Everlasting Turmoil, on October 21, 2552.

Operational History

The Second Battle of Kyrex

On November 11, 2552, the Bringer of Revenge first entered combat, at the beginning of the Second Battle of Kyrex. During the battle in space, the Bringer of Revenge took down many UNSC ships, one at a time. When it battled the UNSC Orca, a powerful UNSC ship, the Bringer of Revenge suffered damage. It got pretty beaten up, but it managed to take down the Orca.

Battle of Hayran

This would happen to be one of the biggest battles the Bringer of Revenge was in. During it, the Bringer of Revenge was badly damaged in the hull. Luckily, it was still able to function. It destroyed many UNSC ships, and ended up being damaged in the bridge. The ship then had to flee from the battle. After this, it was repaired.

Battle of Alpha-Omega


The remains of the Bringer of Revenge.

This would end up being the Bringer of Revenge's last battle. It did well in the beginning, but things started going wrong near the end of the battle. At that time, a team of some Spartans and marines invaded the ship. This distracted the crew from an incoming UNSC ship, which took out the ship's engines. The ship then started getting pulled towards the moon because of its gravity. It then crashed in the mountainous area of the planet.


  • The Bringer of Revenge was downed on the same day that Kiar 'Bardenee ended up on Alpha-Delta