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Dark and full of terrors
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Lieutenant Junior Grade


Mechanized Warfare


Gamma Company SPARTAN-III, Royal Team

"Sometimes I wish that I hadn't been one of the best. That I hadn't wound up in an irregular unit doing all sorts of crazy black ops shit. Someone must have thought I was cut out for the job. Certainly wasn't me..."

Brittany-G154 was a Gamma Company SPARTAN-III and a member of Royal Team. She, along with Atticus-B018 and Kris-G202, was one of three members of the team still alive following its disbandment in 2554.


Personality and Traits

"Sir, with all due respect, you're an idiot."

Brittany was generally quiet and reserved, although she was unafraid to voice her opinions whenever she deemed necessary, regardless of who she might be interrupting or displeasing. In spite of her general reticence, she was also noted as having a noted disregard for respect when it came to the chain of command, holding an often visible contempt for most commissioned officers she met and interacted with--a personality flaw that earned her numerous counts of insubordination against both Spartan and non-Spartan superiors. However, she interacted well with non-commissioned members of the military ranks and was noted as having one of the easiest times amongst her peers when interacting with non-Spartan personnel. After being integrated into the SPARTAN-IV Bravo Company, she earned a reputation for the wild and often unpredictable way with which she dealt with her SPARTAN-IV subordinates, at times doling out mountains of verbal and physical abuse and at others being genuinely supportive of the younger super soldiers.

She also had a penchant for drinking heavily and was written up multiple times for being inebriated while on duty. This habit, coupled with her general unconcern for what she wore when not in uniform, led to unfounded rumors within the Spartan ranks about her sexual promiscuity which she never made any attempt to dispel.