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Terminal This article, Broken Transmission, was written by Gruntijackal. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The land is peaceful. I look in awe at its majesty. It makes me wonder how a war could go on here. I think I may... <ERROR!>//Loading Access Data...//


Hairy Mongrels, pouring out of the ships!<ERROR>

What are these things? By the Forerunners, what is going o-<Static. Lost Signal, rebooting.>

A shrouded figure, swooping around! <Rebooting>

Killing the Innocent! <Signal Strength Weak. Recharging...>

Something underground. <Static>

Salvation below, they say.... <Signal Strength Fading>

Oh no, we have fou//STATIC//

Secrets Nobody should know!//STATIC! Rebooting Signal//

Maybe//STATIC// use... //Signal Strength at 15%// for salvation?

//Signal Strength 7.96% Strength, failing//.

Rol<Error!> a 'Vad<Signal Dropping> and the <Signal Strength 4.71%, dropping. Attempting Emergency Reboot> 343.

//Signal Strength 1.41%, all attempts failed. Enemy jamming systems and/or out of reach location preventing reboot>

Gonna Sort It out...

<End Transmission!>

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