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Brown Team
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Advanced Special Operations



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Historical information
Current Status

Inactive (as of 2525)

"They are some of the most independent and individualistic recruits in the whole program. Yet unlike Grey, they always remain loyal and don't try to run away. Sometimes even I wonder what's going on in their heads."
―Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez, regarding Brown Team.

Laszlo-108: "I still think we should be 'White' Team..."
Leonid-144: "And I say, we're 'Brown'!"
―Laszlo and Leonid bickering about the team's name.

Brown Team was a team of five SPARTAN-II recruits in-training. Its members numbered among the program's most independently thinking and individualistic recruits, but despite this remained loyal to the UNSC and never tried to rebel against the program. The team was inactivated after the SPARTAN-II Augmentation Procedure, with three (Riker, Laszlo and Leonid) being secretly stolen away by cabals within the Office of Naval Intelligence and one (Maria) being mildly wounded and retired as part of ONI experiments. The last member, Randall, defected later in 2531 and joined the United Rebel Front.

As of 2612, only three members of the team remained; Riker, Laszlo and Leonid. Maria died of age some years previous, while Randall was slain by Riker at some point during the latter's anti-rebel campaigns.


  • Riker-012
    • Team Role: Leader/Spotter
    • Specialty: Orbital/Airborne Drop Warfare, Commando Strikes, Sharpshooting
    • Status: Active
  • Randall-037
    • Team Role: Second-in-command
    • Specialty: Jack of all trades
    • Status: KIA
  • Laszlo-108
    • Team Role: Designated Marksman/EOD Specialist/Engineer/Pilot/Medic
    • Specialty: Engineering, Piloting, Medicine, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Sharpshooting, Sidearms
    • Status: Active
  • Leonid-144
    • Team Role: Pointman/Scout
    • Specialty: Assassination, Sabotage, Infiltration, Reconnaissance
    • Status: Active
  • Maria-062
    • Team Role: Rifleman
    • Specialty: Rifles
    • Status: Retired


Riker-012: "Chief, I'm not usually one to question you..."
Franklin Mendez: "Then don't"
But Chief, there's no way we can form a functioning team! We're too different!: "Then figure out a way to bring yourselves together Riker: that's what a leader does"
— Riker-012 complaining to Chief Franklin Mendez over the forming of Brown Team
Laszlo: "My dear friend, you just got BROWNED! *kills brute*"
Riker: "...Seriously? That's the best thing you could come up with?"
―Laszlo and Riker, after killing a group of Brutes.