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Terminal This article, Brute Hazmat Trooper, was written by Impurest Cheese. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Brute Hazmat Trooper
Species and equipment information


  • Brute Shot
  • Type 421 Chemical Sprayer
  • Mauler
  • Type 422 Chemical Sprayer
  • Oxygen Canister and Re-breather
  • Firebomb


Political and military information

Hazardous Environment Trooper, Clean-up Trooper




Brute Hazmat Troopers are specialist Brutes that are used in areas with Hazardous Environments such as Atmospheres with reduced Oxygen Levels, Underwater or in areas with Chemical Leaks.


Hazmat Brutes wear silvery Hazmat suits with a large oxygen tank mounted on their backs. Over the mouth is a gas mask and the eyes are covered with a visor to reduce damage to the face. Although they are immune to the dangers provided by the environment the suit can be burst with a short burst of gunfire. Some Hazmat Brutes mount chest plates over their suits to reduce damage but they rarely are equipped with energy shields. The Brutes wear heavy lead boots over their feet to reduce damage from radiation and spilled chemicals.


The weaponry used by Hazmat Brutes are often designed to combat the Flood or to clean up chemicals and materials. The main weapon used in the Type 421 Chemical Sprayer although it has reduced ammo capacity due to the Brute already carrying an oxygen canister on it's back. Mauler Revolvers are quite common as well as Hazmat Brutes are often deployed in flood infested areas due to the atmospheric change caused by flood spores. Higher ranking Hazmat Troopers often carry Brute Shots and wear chest plates over the Hazmat suits. All Hazmat Brutes carry firebombs as grenades and use them often in both battle and clean-up operations.
Other Equipment
In clean up operations the Type 422 Chemical Sprayer is utilized to suppress fires and contain radiation. At a pinch it can be used as a weapon and can strip shields and immobilize troops which are intolerant to low temperatures. Brute Hazmat Troopers also carry relatively well armoured oxygen canisters on their backs. Capable of resisting small arms fire for a while the tank contains up to five hours oxygen for the Hazmat Brutes to use. If for some reason the canister is removed or runs out of gas a secondary re-breather is carried giving the Brute five minutes of oxygen to flee from the area.

Appearances and Roles

Battle of Agric IV - Main Infantry type for the Covenant Remnant due to high concentrations of spores in the atmosphere.
Raid on Dosiac - Workers wearing Hazmat Suits are seen working with Hunters to move flood canisters to the Silver Wind for the attack on Sanghelios
3rd Battle of Sanghelios - Seen at the Clean up Site for the Silver Wind
4th Battle of Harvest - Once again seen moving flood canisters for release in New Utgard
Battle of Paciffica - Used as a Submarine Attack Force and Reclamation of the Submerged Relic


The Hazmat Brutes were originally a one shot character used in the Halo:Eye of Fire fan fic until I was able to fit them to other roles in Battle.
The Hazmat suit is based on modern day suits only larger and more robust.
In battle Hazmat Brutes should be easy to defeat as they have no power armour or shielding to protect them.

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