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Brute Orbital Drop Pod
Production information

Jiralhanae Weapons Guild


Insertion Vehicle

Technical specifications

2.6m in Circumference





Maximum acceleration


Engine Power



Contains a Bubble Shield to reduce impact


30mm Steel Plate

Sensor Systems



Explosive bolts that hold together the chassis





Year introduced



Orbital Insertion


ODST HEV, Sangheili Orbital Insertion Pod


Post 2553


Covenant Remenant


The Brutes had long been fascinated by ODST and Elite forces appearing behind their lines. The Brutes eventually made their own version which although crude was able to survive a long drop to the surface of hostile planet.

Design of the pod

The Brutes although barbaric were not stupid they knew that creating the Orbital Insertion Pod, known as the Kong Egg by the UNSC, was risky as a lot of things could go wrong in construction. The Jiralhanae Weapons Guild did plenty of research on captured HEVs and began to create their own versions. The shell was an ellipse coated in 30mm Steel for anti air defence and for the protection of the passenger a bubble shield was linked up to an Altimeter that would deploy when the vehicle reached a certain altitude. Upon impact the explosive bolts would release scattering the chassis in various directions with the shrapnel able to disable and kill any nearby infantry. The Kong Egg is only meant for one trip due to the explosive nature of deployment. Being cheap to produce this wasn't all that much of a problem.

Comparison with the UNSC Human Entry Vehicle, Flood Dispersal Pod and the Sangheili Orbital Insertion Pod

All Orbital Insertion Pods have to do three tasks in order to be successful. They have to survive insertion from outside atmosphere, deploy the passenger safely as well as have systems to cushion the impact upon landing.

Armor of the Insertion Pods

  • UNSC HEV - Is coated with Titanium A, Lead Foil and Ceramic skin. This provides protection form weapons fire, radiation and the immense heat that the occupant will experience in an active fire drop zone.
  • Flood Dispersal Pod - Formed by flood biomass. The pod is easy to shoot down and there is no radiation or heat proofing as the Flood occupant is not truly alive.
  • Sangheili Orbital Insertion Pod - Has a weak energy shield to protect form enemy fire and heat that is found in an active fire drop zone.
  • Brute Orbital Insertion Pod - The Brute Orbital Insertion Pod is coated with 30mm steel to prevent damage from heat and radiation. It also shields from enemy arms fire.

Deployment of Passenger

  • UNSC HEV - The deployment of ODST from the HEV takes place with explosive canopy bolts. The passenger only has one exit so if the HEV lands on the exit then the passenger is trapped.
  • Flood Dispersal Pod - The Flood Dispersal Pod explodes on contact allowing the passengers easy exit.
  • Sangheili Orbital Insertion Pod - The Pod pops open releasing the occupant from the Stasis Field. As long as the pod doesn’t land face down the occupant can exit easily
  • Brute Orbital Insertion Pod - Designed to detonate when reaching the ground the occupant can escape in any direction. A bubble shield protects the occupant from damage.

Reducing Impact Damage

  • UNSC HEV - The HEV is equipped with a metallic drag chute that slows the pod down. Then as it reaches the surface retro rockets slow down the pod so it lands safely.
  • Flood Dispersal Pod - No attempt is made to slow down the pod it is a sacrificial unit for deploying Flood forms.
  • Sangheili Orbital Insertion Pod - Is a tight fit for most occupants coupled with a stasis field keeps the occupant away from harm.
  • Brute Orbital Insertion Pod - The Brute Orbital Insertion Pod has an altimeter that activates the internal shield to absorb the impact.

UNSC Remarks

"I hate Kong Eggs they make the battle so much harder when one of these pods crashes down right next to you."
"Got knocked off my feet by an explosion from a Kong Egg. The Bravo Kilo was on me in a flash lucky for me my buddies got him before he got me"

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