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Terminal This article, Bryan Hänkel, was written by Rotaretilbo. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Bryan Hänkel
Service Information
  • Sergeant (Marine Corps)
  • Lieutenant (Navy)
Service Number



802nd Battalion

Biographical Information
Date of Birth




Hair Color

Dirty blond

Combat Information
  • Silver Star
  • Purple Heart


Bryan Hänkel was born on Arizona III in 2508. Arizona III had average highs of 130 F during the winter. During the summer, most wouldn't wander outside. It was one of the few places where weather control wasn't implemented. Because of the extreme heat, the area was open, and Bryan had little social interaction.. When he was nine, his childhood friend Chris was involved in an accident involving a truck. Chris died a year later. There was one incident in which he stabbed a person with a sharpened pencil. The victim, Sean Seagull, died instantly and Bryan was virtually grounded forever. He spent most of the time on his computer or eating his favorite food, bacon.

Pre-War Life

When Bryan moved out of the house, he didn't go to college. Instead, he took his computer and rented an apartment. Dealing with depression, social isolation, and too much bacon, Bryan's life was in ruins. Turning to one of the options his late friend had always talked of, Bryan joined the Corps in 2526.

Covenant War

Bryan's career in the Corps was not the best. He was assigned the rank of private and the service number 79230-91058-BH. He fought hard for the first few years. In 2529, he was a Corporal. However, his career became stagnant because of the sheer futility of the conflict. Bryan was overwhelmed by the depression he had thought he had defeated by enlisting. It only became worse. On May 14, 2530, he was assigned to the 802nd Battalion on Eridanus II, mainly to move him away from the front.


Battle of Eridanus II

Bryan was part of the 802nd Battalion in Elysium City when the Covenant attacked Eridanus II. The ground battle went poorly, and the marines were highly disorganized and began to be recalled to space almost immediately. In Elysium City, the marines were cut off. He was assigned to defend an airlock. When his unit was killed, he managed to grab a fuel rod gun and destroy the enemies in the immediate area, but was shot in the back by a Grunt named Vaskar from whom he had taken the fuel rod gun. He managed to get out of the area before the ful rod gun's fail safe sealed the airlock. As the Covenant advanced, three UNSC pockets of resistance formed, each by a fort: Fort Renault, Fort Timberwoode, and Fort Zimmerman. Each fort boasted about a company's worth of marines, and thus three companies were created, each named for their forts (Romeo Company, Tango Company, and Zulu Company respectively). Bryan commanded B Squad and served as the Platoon Sergeant of Second Platoon of Tango Company. Tango Company and Zulu Company met up en route to an objective given to them by the Navy. Romeo Company made it to the objective first, and met up with Petty Officer Second Class Chris SPARTAN-048. The three companies and the Spartan assaulted the Space Elevator at the center of the city, rode it up to the Luxor Spaceport, and then escaped to the ships waiting around it. Bryan, B Squad, and Romeo Company were all assigned to the UNSC Erwin Rommel, which was commanded by Commander Brandon Rebuga. When the space battle began, the Erwin Rommel was boarded and Bryan was among the marines to repel boarders. When all lifepods from the UNSC Gettysburg had been retrieved, the Erwin Rommel jumped out of system. Bryan received the Purple Heartand the Silver Star as well as a promotion to Sergeant for his actions on Eridanus II. He requested and received honorable discharge from the Marine Corps and then applied to the Navy Luna OCS Academy.

First Battle of Installation 03

On April 26, 2552, Battle Group Churchill, which consisted of thirty-three ships, followed a Covenant battle group to an unknown location. When they exited Slipspace, they stumbled upon a Halo, Installation 03. Bryan was part of the bridge crew aboard the UNSC Erwin Rommel.

Second Battle of Installation 03

He was evacuated from the Erwin Rommel when it crashed into the surface of the ring, destroying a powerful direct energy weapon being used against Battle Group Churchill. He fought his way across the desert landing zone, and then linked up with Marine forces at Alpha Base.

Third Battle of Installation 03

As time progressed, most of the UNSC ships broke down and crashed to the surface and Hank took part in several offensives and defensives against the Flood, the Covenant, and even some self-declared rebels. Sometime in October, the UNSC managed to piece together several fully operation reactors, and Bryan left the system aboard the Winston Churchill, the flagship of Battle Group Churchill just after the Fourth Battle of Installation 03 began, though he did not participate in it.

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