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Bryan Ki
Biographical information

Irvine, California

Date of birth


Date of death


Physical description







M6D Pistol

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

UNSC, Navy


Bryan Ki

Bryan Ki was born in Irvine, California in August 2, 2532. He would serve in the UNSC Navy during the Human-Covenant War on board the UNSC Hikari as the Operations Office and fought the Covenant on multiple fronts. Bryan's first engagement would be on the colony planet of Hera. He would continue to serve on the Hikari until the Second Battle Of Earth. Bryan would meet his end in the massive battle in space when the Hikari was struck by a heavy explosion that rocked the ship and its bridge. This would cause Bryan to be tossed around the bridge and breaking his neck.



Bryan Ki - Bboy Pure

Bryan Ki, born from his Korean parents did well in school and spent his free time with his fellow Bboy friends Pierce Hae-jin Hayase, Andrew Park, Aaron Han, Steven Lee and Jon Chin. He would join their Arms Race Krew and gave himself the name of Bboy Pure, a name that his friends thought was ironic at times. Together they would win Battle Of The Year 2548. However afterwards as it seemed everyone began to enlist Bryan decided to do the same. He would follow Andrew and Aaron as they joined the Navy as Pierce and Steven joined the Marines.


"Winning Battle Of The Year was everyone's dream and now we've got it, we're really fortunate and extremely thankful for everyone who has supported us." Bryan to a reporter after winning Battle Of The Year 2548

"Now what."

"Good luck guys."

"You think it's possible to add a dance studio to the ship's gym station?"

"Can I listen to my MP3 while on the bridge?"


  • Profile photo of Bboy Style-M of Last For One
  • Freeze photo of Bboy Crazy Geun of Extreme Crew

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