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Bryce Archer
Biographical information


Date of birth

June 9th, 2513

Physical description

First Sergeant




5'9" (175 cm)


CARNWENNAN Powered Assault Armor

Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Human-Covenant War


UNSC Marine Corps

"Alone I can do little, regardless of how much effort I display. But in a team, I am the Alpha male."
―Bryce Archer

Bryce Archer, known as Alpha by his fellow marines, was a CARWENNAN commander, active throughout the later-half of the Human-Covenant War. He was among the first marines to have been accepted into the highly classified CARNWENNAN Project, where he was granted CARNWENNAN Powered Assault Armor.

Bryce's leadership skills and his likable personality were played major roles in the rapid elevation of his rank. By early August 2552, midway through the Battle of Reach,his rank was elevated to First Sergeant as he was granted his own platoon of marines. Approximately one-eighth of his platoon were also CARNWENNAN marines. His rank change occurred just in time for the Loss of Hope. During this military engagement, he and his squad were sent to investigate the Fleet of Consecrated Contribution's purpose for focusing in on Port Neandra entirely, after their raid on Icaria had failed.

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