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40px-Terminal.png This article, CAA Factbook, was written by Subtank. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The World Factbook, also known as the CAA Factbook, was a reference resource produced by the Colonial Administration Authority of the Unified Earth Government with almanac-style information about the nations of the human worlds. The World Factbook provided information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 1042 world entities.

Known entries

The CAA Factbook is prepared by the Colonial Administration Authority for the use of Unified Earth Government officials. Information within this medium is provided by Astrogeology Research Program (UNESCO), Department of Commercial Shipping (UNSC), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), International Society of Civil Engineers (UNESCO), Office of Investigations (UNSC), Universal Health Organisation (UN Welfare Foundation), and other public and private sources.

Comments and queries are welcome and may be addressed to: xttp://epww:caa/factbook/contact.n4
The CAA Factbook 2572. Sydney, AUS: Colonial Administration Authority, 2572.

Inner and Outer Colonies

30px-Cquote1.png This is the goal: To make available for life every place where life is possible. To make inhabitable all worlds as yet uninhabitable, and all life purposeful. 30px-Cquote2.png

Considered one of many greatest achievements of mankind, space colonisation has enabled humanity extend the range of human habitat out from Earth into the Sol system and beyond. The journey was filled with triumphs, conflicts and developments that enabled humanity to learn, understand and undertake the challenges of space colonisation.

The concept of "inner" and "outer" colonies was non-existent until humanity eventually constructed the interplanetary mapping systems, a network of databases on star systems, in mid-2280s. Prior to 2280, the colonies were simply referred to as intra-sol (Within Sol) and extra-sol (Outside Sol).

Thanks to the technological marvel of the translight engine developed in 2291, humanity finally broke the barrier that kept them confined to systems closest to Sol and allowed them to travel farther. The colonisation race began and spurt new colonies which enabled the human race to flourish.

  • Sol ― The Solar System, or Sol System. The birthplace of humanity.
  • Intra-sol ― A pre-2280 term that refer to colonies within Sol.
  • Extra-sol ― A pre-2280 term that refer to colonies outside Sol.

111 Tauri system [Inner]
18 Scorpii system [Outer]
23 Librae [Neutral]
26 Draconis system [Inner]
51 Pegasi system [Outer]
Alpha Aurigae system [Outer]
Charybdis system [Outer]
Chi Ceti system [Outer]
Cygnus system [Outer]
Ectanus 45 system [Outer]
Epsilon Eridani system [Inner]
Epsilon Indi system [Outer]
Eridanus system [Outer]
Gamma Pavonis system [Inner]
Groombridge 1830 system [Outer]
Groombridge 34 system [Neutral]
Hawking system [Neutral]
Hellespont system [Inner]
Hydra system [Inner]
Lambda Aurigae system [Outer]
Lambda Serpentis system [Neutral]
Leonis Minoris system [Outer]
Luyten 726-8 system [Inner]
Paris system [Inner]
Procyon system [Outer]
Psi Serpentis system [Neutral]
Sigma Octanus system [Inner]
Sol system [HOME]
Tau Ceti system [Outer]
XI Boötis A system [Outer]
Zeta Doradus system [Inner]

Society and culture


Governments and other bodies

United Nations
Unified Earth Government
United Nations Space Command
Colonial Administration Authority
International Society of Civil Engineers


See also

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