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CD-45 Super Auk
Production information

Super Heavy Dropship

Technical specifications
Sensor systems
  • AN/APG-306 WYRM Active Electronically Scanned Array RADARs
  • Target Acquisition and Designation System/Pilot Night Vision System
  • AN/ASQ-144 FINDER Distributed Aperture Systems
  • AN/ASD-90 PAVE CROW Magnetic Array
  • Pilot
  • Co-Pilot
  • Load master
Minimum crew

1 pilot

  • 8 Scorpions or
  • 15 CRVs or
  • 18 Warthogs or
  • 2 Companies + equipment and
  • 3 Companies + equipment
  • Heavy Transport



The CD-45 Super Auk is a super heavy dropship, used to transport infantry, vehicles and materials in bulk. It is based on an expanded capacity version of the civilian E-44 Superliner. The Dropship is atmosphere and space capable, with VTOL capabilities and its own slipspace drive, intended to act as an inter-system transport. The CD-45 Super Auk is used by the UNSC Navy and Air Force to provide space lift capabilities for Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force personnel and material. The Auk has three internally linked decks, with separate docking points. The Auk's unfilled interior is cavernous and can, at maximum, hold five full Companies, plus their associated equipment, usually in the eight modular cargo pods slung underneath its bow. Auk's are well protected, with numerous countermeasure launchers, mine dispensers, a shielding generator and point defence LASERs, allowing it to at least fend off moderate attacks. However, being such a large target, it is rendered vulnerable to capital ship strikes, which is why its often relegated to dropping and supply positions far to the rear. The Auk is the most popular strategic space lifter in the UNSC, being used to transport a variety materials, including armoured fighting vehicles, logistical supplies, building materials, even starship components. Its also commonly used to transport personnel between basis, into orbit for navy rendezvous or to bring reinforcements contested worlds, under escort, being kept far away from hostile forces and under close guard.