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Production information

Phade Technology Industry


Model MRa System


Assault Rifle-class

Technical specifications
  • Stock Extended: 31 in.
  • Stock Collapsed: 28 in.
  • Barrel: 16 in.
Magazine Size
  • Direct Fire
    • Baseline System: 30 rounds
    • Highest Capasity: 130 rounds
  • Indirect Fire
    • 1 round
Fire Mode

Semi-automatic, 3-round Burst, Fully-automatic

Ammunition Type
  • Direct Fire
    • Baseline System: 7.62x51mm Caliber system
  • Indirect Fire
    • 40mm HE Grenade
  • Modular Receiver A(MRa): Gas: Reverse Short-stroke Gas/Kinetic energy-driven Piston
  • Pump-action GL
Rate of Fire
  • 880 RPM
  • 310 RPM
  • BS Zero: 25 yards
  • Farthest Range: 600 yards

Rebuild Era




Phade Technology Industry, Crucible Firearms Series


The CFS-A1 is one of the more useful Baseline Systems in CFS's Set 1. It combines the durability of an Assault Rifle, the anti-vehicle capability of a Grenade laucher, and the versatility and customisation CFS firearms are known for. Unlike many firearms in the 2500's, the CFS-A1 uses the Traditional receiver style, with the magazine forward of the trigger/sear, instead of the numerous bullpup-types around. It is well known for it's reliability in harsh conditions and is able to be conditioned to fit certain environments for a long time. In the hands of a trained marksman, the A1 can be as deadly at range as a Sniper-class weapon.


Baseline System


  • Modular Receiver A(MRa)
  • 16 in. Barrel
    • Post front sight, Stationary Ghost ring rear sight
  • Hold-Steady Grip Mk. II
  • PTI GrD-3 Trigger system
    • Semi/Burst/Auto Sear
    • Internal Clam hammer
  • 7.62x51mm Caliber system
    • 30 round magazine
    • Rotating muti-lug bolt
    • Tunneled SecURE carrier
    • Ajustable Feed ramp
  • 5-position, folding, HErD telescoping stock

Grenade Launcher

  • 9 in. Barrel
    • Handguard-mounted Trajectory ladder sight
  • PTI KrD-1 Trigger system
  • 40mm Caliber system
    • Tubular chamber

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