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Terminal This article, CH-07 (Sergei Milanich), was written by SPARTAN 119. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
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"Citizens of the Covenant! A ring of steel surrounds your rotten city! We will crush all who still dare to resist the will of the UNSC Army! Abandon your posts, abandon your homes, abandon all hope!"
―Sergei Milanich, during Operation:HELLFIRE
CH-10 (Sergei Milanich)
Biographical information


Date of birth


Physical description

Master Chief Petty Officer




12"1 in frame

  • usually carries a six-shot revolver-style 102mm missile launcher
  • Hands: robotic arms/ hands capable of using any standard infantry weapon.

energy shield, night vision, IR vision, missile targeting, 5x zoom lens, nanotech polymer covering to change colour or camo scheme, GPS nav system


Frame is to large to fit into the hatches of most UNSC vehicles, but a CH can drive Machina vehicles and be transported by Pelican or Petrel Dropship.

Eye color

dependent on setting:

  • Blue= normal light
  • Green= night vision
  • Red= IR/thermal
Frame Type

heavy assault variant, usually standard UNSC green, same color as UNSC vehicles can change when needed

Chronological and political information

Necros War

Notable Events

part of Human Cyberneticization Project


United Nations Space Command


Sergei Milanich is one of the Cyberneticized Humans that was not a former SPARTAN II, and is thus much younger that most of the others. Born in Moscow, Russia in 2552, Sergei joined the UNSC military at eighteen and, eight years later, in 2578, he was shot in the back with a Beam Rifle by a Jackal Sniper in a UNSC assault on an outpost of the Kig-Yar Pirates. Milanich was paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair, but still, he swore he would find a way to kill the Jackal that crippled him no matter what it took. Sergei's chance came in 2587, when, with the help of the Machina, the UNSC started the Human Cybernetization Project. Sergei immediately volunteered.

Human Cybernetization Project

The frame Sergei was put into was designed around an idea Sergei himself proposed to the UNSC and the Machina frame designers. This frame was intended as a departure from the frames of the other Cyberneticized Humans, which were designed to serve role similar to the various specialities of the SPARTAN IVs, such as close combat and heavy weapons. Sergei's frame,however, was based around the USR's Lekgolo armor designs, only with modified weapons. The UNSC approved of this design. Sergei's frame is about twelve feet tall, roughly the height of a Lekgolo, but has energy shielding instead of the large metal shield of the Lekgolo. Sergei carries a Machina designed weapon similar in appearance to an oversized 40mm grenade launcher, this weapon however, fires 102mm rockets from a six-shot revolver magazine.

Operations Against Covenant Remnants

Operation: HELLFIRE

"It matters not where they choose to die"
―Sergei Milanich, before firing on fleeing Covenant

Sergei's first mission during Operation: HELLFIRE was to disable one of seven anti-air batteries surrounding the Covenant fortress of Sacred Truth. Sergei, along with two other CHs an ODST squad under the command of Lt. Michael Price dropped in under cover of darkness near the AA battery, which had been disabled by an orbital EMP strike. Sergei and the other CHs and ODSTs approached the base cloaked by active camouflage. Sergei used his custom six-shot anti-tank missile launcher to knock out multiple Wraiths and a few other vehicles, while Sarah East and CH-01 (Kirk) destroyed the rest. The rest of the ODSTs and CHs suppressed the Jiralhanae trench line around the AA battery with grenade launchers, automatic weapons, and sniper fire. After the trench line was suppressed, the three CHs lead the assault on the trench line, followed by the ODSTs. In the assault, Sergei also scored multiple kills with his MB77 PDW and oversized machete. The CHs and ODSTs proceeded to seize the base and disable or destroy all Covenant AA batteries. This, along assaults on the other six batteries by other ODST teams paved the way for a successful UNSC aerial and armored assault on the base.

Third Battle of Linna

Favored Weapons

Sergei's primary weapon is a Machina-designed six-shot 102mm rocket launcher capable of firing SABRE ATGWs, CANINE SAMs, or unguided rockets. The weapon is equipped with a 5x scope smart linked to Sergei's frame's optics. The weapon has proven itself devastating against Remnant and Necros forces, being able to destroy up to six Necros Compound tanks before needing reloading. In addition to the custom rocket launcher, Sergei can also use any AUR or Necros weapon. The large size of his frame allows him to even use weapons normally designed for use by Wolf walkers, such as the MB69 OICW.

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