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Terminal This article, CJS-Class Heavy Frigate, was written by Echo 1. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
CJS-class Heavy Frigate
Production information

Heavy Frigate



Technical specifications

500 meters


500 meters (full wingspan), 450 meters (hull)


160 meters

Engine unit(s)

repulsor drive

Slipspace Drive

Covenant Slipspace Capacitor



Navigation system

Covenant navigation computer


2 heavy ion cannons, 7 plasma turrets, 1 mass spike driver


2 Spirit Dropships, 2 Phantom Dropships, 24 Choppers, 12 Prowlers, 50 Ghosts, 5 Wraiths, 2 AA Wraiths, 20 Banshees, 10 Seraphs, 5 Revenants, 20 Jiralhane Entry Pods, 4 Boarding Craft


1 Large Jiralhane Pack (1 Chieftain, 2 Bodyguards, 2 Captain Ultras, 3 Captain Majors, 4 Captain Minors, 5 Ultras, 7 Majors, 12 Minors)


2 Jiralhane Strike Forces (1 War Chieftain, 2 Bodyguards, 2 Captain Ultras, 3 Captain Majors, 4 Captains, 7 Honor Guard Brutes, 1 Jump Pack Captain, 4 Jump Pack Majors, 5 Stalkers, 6 Jump Pack Minors, 5 Ultras, 7 Majors, 20 Minors) and an assortment of troops of varying species.

Cargo capacity

an assortment of vehicles

Year introduced



Jiralhanae attack craft


Human-Covenant War


The Covenant Empire


The CJS-class Heavy Frigate, sometimes known as the Brute Frigate, is a large starship controlled and manned by the Brutes.


The Brute Frigate is similar to the design of the phantom, albeit much larger. The topside features a large ion cannon, along with four of its seven plasma turrets. It also features a heavy spike driver, which is a massive projectile weapon similar to the Brute spiker. The underside has a rib-like design with another ion turret bellow the bow. The ribs support an air-shield hangar that holds most of its aerospace vehicles and dropships. A gravity lift near the rear of the main hull transports troops and other vehicles to the surface. Unlike most Covenant Starships, which are silver, dark violet, or dark blue, the Brute Frigate is a mixture of blood red with dark grey areas.



The Bridge is similar to that of most Covenant Starships, with a large circular observation platform that overlooks a holographic enviornment. Stations for the rest of the pack are behind the platform. A ceremonial walkway leads up to the overlook platform. On the platform is a chair or gravity throne for the Alpha Chieftain to sit in. Officers within the Chieftain's pack control the ship, while smaller two smaller packs make up the leadership in the ship's military.


The Biosphere is a section before the engine room that is full of plants and animals, most native to Doisac. Many of the flora and fauna here are raised to be cooked for the Brute command pack. Brutes will often go here for combat exercises as well, or to relax after a mission. It is relatively small, but takes up two decks of the back area. There is a clear steel roof that allows natural starlight to filter in. It is a 120m x 120m room.

Feasting Hall

The feasting hall is reserved for the Brute Alpha Pack and waiter Unggoy. It features a circular table with chairs for all the higher ranking pack members. The table can hold a small thorn beast on it. Other features include a symbolic ring, with seven different alloys representing the ages and Halo rings. The room is often alive with the smell of fresh foods and roasted meats from the biosphere.


The Barracks are areas for the lesser packs to sleep in. These are small, cramped pods wedged between the feasting hall and the biosphere, with a hallway between them. The pods have a passage that leads right to the hangars, for immediate deployment in case of emergancy. Chieftain's quarters are at the front of the pod, and are more luxurious than that of the rest of the pack's area. The barracks can be ejected during an emergancy, and have engines and weapons of their own.


The Brig is a prison area bellow the ship's middle section and above the hangar. It has barred energy cells, containment pods, and many torture devices. It is known that Brutes will often abduct Elites and torture them here. Disobedient pack members and infantry are also held here.

Cargo Hold

The cargo hold is above the Grav lift and a deck above the hangar. The cargo bay has most of the ground vehicles, cargo containers, communication nodes, methane stations, and plasma batteries stored in it. The cargo bay has a corridor that leads to the barracks. This hold also has easy access to the armory, so cargo containers can be stocked easily. Drones and Jackals sleep in an adjacent area, so that they can also be deployed in an emergancy.


The armory has a full complement of Brute weapons, and lacks many Sangheili weapons. The armory includes:

  • Brute Plasma Rifles
  • Concussion Rifles
  • Spikers
  • Maulers
  • Brute Shots
  • Needlers
  • Plasma Pistols
  • Carbines
  • Needle Rifles
  • Focus Rifles
  • Particle Beam Rifles
  • Plasma Launchers
  • Plasma Cannons

and many other weapons that the Brutes prefer.


The Hangar holds all aerospace craft and dropships, along with heavily armored vehicles. The hangar also has pods for suicide Engineers to be kept until needed. Maintenance Drones sleep in the hangar, in case quick repairs need to be made on spacecraft.

Unggoy Methane Suites

The Methane Suites are below the Barracks, and are where Unggoy are kept until needed. They are more Covenant-like in design, with purple walls and faint light. The rooms are sealed by airlock from the cargo hold, but can easily reach the area for quick deployment.

Engine Room

The Engine room is behind the Biosphere on a long area of the ship. It holds the fuel and repulsor thrusters that move the ship, and the craft's slipspace capacitor.

Slipspace Drive

The Frigate has a normal Covenant slipspace capacitor, although it is significantly slower than most Covenant ships. It cannot perform a slipspace jump in atmosphere, due to the primitive drive.


Mass Spike Driver

The mass spike driver is similar to the UNSC MAC gun, except that it fires a massive spike round. The cannon runs along the top-center of the ship, and is completely exposed except for the rear. The firing mechanism involves a magnetic coil to accelerate the back, magnetic half of the MSR through the barrel. This coil is primitive, and the projectile travels at only 12% the speed of light, unlike the UNSC's MAC which travels at 49%.

Mass Spike Round

The Mass Spike Round, or (MSR) is a large projectile fired from the MSD. The round penatrates into a ship's hull, and then explodes at the tip, sending foot-long spikes richocheting throughout a ship's hull. This succeeds in tearing up the craft sometimes, and often kills off many crew members.

Ion Turrets

The ship has two ion cannons- one under the barrel of the mass spike driver, and one over the ship's reactor. These cannons use charged ions to create an orb of plasma that can devastate any Human starship. The turrets have a slow firing rate, as they easily overheat and need regular maintenance. The cannons do not "home in" on their targets, due to the Brute design of the weapon.

Plasma Turrets

These are regular plasma turrets standard to almost every Covenant ship. They can track targets using magnetic fields. The turrets shoot a stronger, red colored plasma, similar to the Brute plasma rifle.

UNSC and Sangheili Remarks


  • "Its just an oversized dropship, and yet it tears up our ships like no tommarrow!"
  • "Ugliest thing I've ever seen fly. Hands down."
  • "I remember seeing a ship get hit with an MSR. Splinters went tearing through the frigate like tinofoil. I don't want to be around when one of those hits us!"
  • "I saw an ion blast boil through a cruiser once. A bright flash, and then the ship was split in half..."


  • "The Prophets are being advocates of the Jiralhanae. This will soon get out of hand."
  • "Those beasts do not deserve their own planet! Let alone a ship of their own."
  • "We must get rid of these ships... before the Brutes take over the whole navy!"


  • The ship has plasma turrets, honor guard Brutes, and 21 majors, all of which are multiples of 7.
  • This is the only known Brute designed ship in the Covenant Navy.
  • There are never Elites aboard these ships unless they are prisoners.
  • The ship's Mass Spike Round is a combination of a Spiker projectile and a Spike Grenade.

Author's Note

  • Don't ask to use this. It's a Covenant ship class, and part of the Covenant navy. Just keep it in the article's guidelines.

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