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The Weapons Custom Modification/ Armory Kit, Codenamed: CUSTMOD Kit, is a collection of weapon add-ons and sensors that help a wielder specialize his or her weapon for a specific mission. The "kit" is really a wall of modifications, and so it is most often found in the armory. Smaller, field-use sized versions were made later.


During the fights against the rebels, the UNSC wanted a weapons modification kit that could allow soldiers to specialize their weapons for certain missions. Misriah armories was given the job, in which it created an array of attachable weapons, scopes, gadgets, and sensors that could specialize most UNSC weapons for missions. But the UNSC also wanted kits that could be portable, which was not the case with the standard CUSTMOD Kit, so Misriah rushed the development of smaller variants. By 2545, smaller CUSTMOD variants were mandatory for all marines, and became standard issue.


The CUSTMOD Kit is filled with special weapons features and gadgets to satisfy any soldier.

NOTE: Not all modifications are usable with certain weapons.


The CUSTMOD kit has a small array of scopes for a user, which include:

  • A 2x three-inch long optical scope, usable on smaller weapons.
  • A 5x four-inch long optical scope, usable on most other weapons.
  • A 8x six-inch long optical scope, usable on larger weapons.
  • A 12x eight-inch long optical scope, usable on sniper rifles.

All of the scopes include a night vision function, which is useful during night stealth operations.

Targeting Mechanisms

The kit also includes other targeting systems, such as:

  • A Laser Target Tracking System, which projects a tiny pinpoint of light on a target.
  • A Laser Target Identifyer, which designates targets of importance. This saves the target to a UNSC database.
  • A Metallic Crosshairs, which are mounted along a weapon's scope rail. This is a small metal ring with crosshairs, and is often used on small weapons like pistols or carbines.


The CUSTMOD Kit utilizes many sensory arrays that can track or locate targets, like:

  • A Heartbeat Sensor, which picks up the electromagnetic pulse created by a heartbeat.
  • An Infrared Sensor, which picks up the body heat of an enemy. It is useful for seeing through walls.
  • A radio wave sensor, which can "hear" enemy transmissions and lead a wielder to the source.
  • A Sonic Sensor, which locates the slightest noises. This is often useless, as it picks up a users breathing. It was taken out of the kit in 2538.
  • A Biosign Detector, which senses any signs of life, like breathing, noise, organic material, and blood.


The UNSC also wanted to have lethal add-ons. These include:

  • An M45-HE-D grenade launcher, which shoots an explosive charge that is slightly more powerful than a regular frag grenade.
  • A M12S Suppressed Shotgun, which is like an M90, but smaller and carries only one shot in the barrel.
  • An M30-T Flamethrower, which has a small flame and an airtight flammable gas tank, which shoots a stream of igniteable spray, creating a small, short-lived, but devastating pillar of fire.
  • An M1 Ballistics Knife, which is mounted on the front of mid to close range weapons for CQC action. It is am eight-inch long titanium alloy blade that can easily rip through thin armor and flesh.
  • An X34 EMP Burst Weapon, which creates a concentrated EMP burst, knocking out a target's electronics.

Stealth Devices

A few systems were created to hide a user or confuse an enemy. These are:

  • A Static Creator, which puts a stream of white noise into any transmissions within a radius of 500 meters.
  • A hologram projector, which creates a holographic marine that can draw off enemy fire.


The CUSTMOD kit includes a small array of sound suppressors, including:

  • An S3 Rifle Suppressor, which deadens a guns sound to a dull "thump".
  • An S3 Machine Gun Suppressor, which can deaden the sound of automatic fire.
  • An S5 Sniper Rifle Suppressor, which can deaden the loud noise of a firing 50-caliber sniper rifle.
  • An S10 Perfect Silence, which can almost completely illiminate a weapon's sound.

Compatable Weapons

This is a list of weapons that can use a CUSTMOD kit's devices.

  • M6C Pistol
  • M6D Magnum
  • M6G Magnum
  • M6J Carbine
  • M6I Handgun
  • MA3 Assault Rifle
  • MA5B Assault Rifle
  • MA5C Assault Rifle
  • MA5K Carbine
  • MA37 Assault Rifle
  • M7 Submachinegun
  • M7S Submachinegun
  • BR55 Battle Rifle
  • BR55HB SR Battle Rifle
  • SRS 99 AM Sniper Rifle
  • SRS-99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle
  • SRS-99C-S2 AMB Sniper Rifle
  • W/AV M6 Grindell/Galien Nonlinear Rifle

Some handheld missile launchers are compatible.

Field Versions of the Kit

Since the standard kit is usually only in armories, smaller, specialized versions were made. These are:

  • The CUSTMOD/ Sniper Field Kit, which has an array of scopes, laser sights, targeting sensors, and a sniper rifle suppressor.
  • The CUSTMOD/CQC Field Kit, which includes the bayonette, and some close range weapon systems.
  • The CUSTMOD/ Assault Field Kit, which includes most of the attachable weapons systems and suppressors, along with metal target reticles.
  • The CUSTMOD/ Stealth Field Kit, which includes suppressors and the stealth attachments.
  • The CUSTMOD/ Assassination Field Kit, which includes a bayonette, EMP Device, suppressors, and specialized sensors.
  • The CUSTMOD/ KILLZONE Field Kit, which includes all the attachable weapons systems.
  • The CUSTMOD/ SIGHTING Field Kit, which includes laser targetors, scopes, and metallic crosshairs.
  • The CUSTMOD/ SEEKER Field Kit, which includes all the sensor devices and laser targetors.

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