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40px-Terminal.png This article, Caecili, was written by Kolar 'Refum. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Biographical information


Physical description

Brute Chieftain, Heretic Leader








Gravity Hammer, Brute Shot


Jiralhanae Power Armor, Invincibility (Temporary)


Covenant Loyalist Vehicles

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Covenant, Covenant Loyalists, Covenant Heretics

"Tartarus was wrong, a bloody fate does not await the Holy Arbiter, a bloody fate awaits himself and the rest of the Hierarchs"

Chieftain Caecili is Chieftain of the Covenant Heretics. He belongs to the council of Heretic Leaders, and is one of seven Leaders. Caecili has strong opposition to the Separatists, due to their attitude towards the humans. Caecili has a strong rivalry with 'Refum, but they work towards the same goal. He is currently aboard the Hammer of Crisis, the Heretic space station devoted to the training of new Heretic soldiers.


Early life


Caecilius as a young Captain on Doisac with a brother of his

Caecili was brought up on Doisac during the days of Pre-Covenant contact. He was raised by his father, Chieftain Syphax, the leader of a powerful clan. Caecili was a master of the gravity hammer, and was promised his father's weapon, the great Star of Fortitude. Their clan, the Augypti clan, defied much of traditional Jiralhanae tradition, leaving the "-us" suffix out of their names. Caecili had only just assumed the position of Captain when the Covenant appeared to the Jiralhanae. The Covenant sided with the "Alliance", a group of three clans, and their leader, Maccabeus. The Augypti fought against Covenant rule, but were destroyed, with their remaining troops conscripted in to low positions within the Covenant. Chieftain Syphax dueled with a young, ambitious zealot, Field Master Sesa 'Refumee, and was killed. His hammer was taken as a prize by the Commander, and Caecilius vowed to take it back, and avenge his father. He gained supported among the remainder of his old clan, and found himself a new hammer, which he called the Path to Independence, and rebelled within the Covenant, crushing as many Chieftains and Zealots as he could, trying to solidify his claims to his rightful title of Chieftain Caecilius. His men crushed the Covenant soldiers on the agricultural ship they were aboard. Caecilius gained more support from Jiralhanae of other clans. Eventually he assumed control of the ship, and proclaimed himself Chieftain of the Jiralhanae. He was contacted by the Hierarchs, and was offered that very position, as well as the ship he was aboard, the Study of Ages. He accepted this position, and would go on to lead that very agricultural ship to military success.

Sesa 'Refumee


Caecilius fighting on Reach

Caecilius fought in many major battles against the humans, after Harvest. After Tartarus came to power, Caecilius eliminated himself from Jiralhanae politics, due to his hatred of Tartarus and the rest of his clan. Eventually, his ship, the Study of Ages, was brought into the Fleet of Particular Justice. It was there that Caecilius finally met his father's murderer. He challenged 'Refumee to a duel, but was defeated. Instead of killing Caecilius, 'Refumee handed the Star of Fortitude back to the Chieftain, and made him his protégé. Caecilius accepted this position, and invited the Field Commander, and all his Sangheili aboard the Study of Ages. All of the Jiralhanae aboard the ship, including Caecilius, resented the Sangheili, but eventually all the Jiralhanae began to share their views with the Sangheili. It was here that Caecilius met Kolar 'Refum. 'Refumee, Caecilius and 'Refum all took part in the Special Operations on Reach. Here, they uncovered many a Forerunner object, and discovered many truths about the Forerunners. They returned to the ship with their Jiralhanae, Sangheili and Unggoy allies.

Battle of Installation 04

When the Supreme Commander ordered the pursuit of the Pillar of Autumn, Caecilius joined him. Caecilius was tasked to orbit the area of the Installation in which the Truth and Reconciliation had crashed, and deploy his Special Operation Sangheili along with their Field Master. Caecilius spent no time at all on the actual Installation, spending most of his time assigning troops to various positions on the surface of the Installation. 'Refumee sent him to High Charity to find the Prophet of Transcendence, a good friend of the Field Master's. En Route to High Charity, the Study of Ages was intercepted by the Fleet of Holy Exile. The Fleet Master was a fellow Chieftain, Chieftain Medius, and he instructed Caecilius to return to the battle. Before they could return to the fight, a Seraph, commandeered by Kolar 'Refum, Architect of the Heretics, docked in Medius' flagship, the Hammer of Vengeance. Medius would not accept 'Refum's "lies". Medius planned to execute 'Refum, when Caecili crushed Medius with his hammer. Caecili assumed control of the fleet, and quickly began to broadcast the truth to his new fleet. He sent 'Refum in his old ship, the Study of Ages, back to the Gas mine, from which he came, to tell 'Refumee of his success in converting the fleet, when he found that the gas mine was gone, and High Charity in its place. The Fleet remained out of contact with High Charity, and had 'Refum and Caecili replaced as Heretic Leaders. It was here that the Fleet of Holy Exile ceased to exist, and the Fleet of Divine Reclamation took its place. 'Refum was made High Architect Fleet Master, and made the "Seek and Reclaim" his new Flagship. The Hammer of Vengeance continued active service to the Heretics under Chieftain Caecili

Covenant Civil War

"The Truth spreads like wildfire among the Sangheili"

The Fleet of Holy Exile was renamed as the Fleet of Divine Reclamation. The troops in this fleet were loyal, Sangheili, Unggoy, Lekgolo and even Jiralhanae, although to a far smaller degree. The Fleet returned to the Gas Mine, only to find it missing, destroyed with only space debris left in its place. It was at this moment that Kolar 'Refum proclaimed himself to be High Architect Fleet Master and Leader of the Heretics. He vowed to avenge his mentor, and destroy the zealous fool that killed him. When High Charity slipped to Installation 05, 'Refum followed, trying to gain as many followers as he could. However, his demands to speak in front of the Council were denied, and space warfare followed. This was one of the first Covenant civil space battles that would occur above Installation 05. The once mighty Fleet of Divine Reclamation was reduced to nearly nothing as the battle raged on. Chieftain Caecili, previously Chieftain Caecilius, commandeered the CCS Battlecruiser, Hammer of Vengeance and struck deeply into the Covenant ranks. The ships had small victories from that point onwards, and the battle could be seen from the surface of the Installation. The battle raged on, and the Heretics suffered heavy losses, and were forced to retreat to a nearby Forerunner space station. The Covenant, however, did not follow, as political schisms began to show, as 'Refum and Caecili began to realise. Soon the outbreak of the Great Schism became apparent, and the first Sangheilian ships to realise quickly joined the Fleet of Divine Reclamation, and attacked the Brute-controlled ships. Later ships to switch sides and Brute ships that were overrun came under the control of the Covenant Separatists Proper. Eventually, the Heretic-Separatist-Human Alliance halted the activation of Installation 05.


Star of Fortitude

The Star of Fortitude, the hammer of the Chieftains of the Augypti Clan

Chieftain Caecilius is a powerful warrior, relatively young and inexperience compared to other Chieftains. He prefers to use his ancestral gravity hammer, the Star of Fortitude, to other ballistic and plasma weaponry. He has also been known to use the Brute Shot on some occasions. He uses his temporary invulnerability technology to get to a close enough range to use his hammer on foes.

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