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40px-Terminal.png This article, Cale, was written by SPARTAN-08BLAM!. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Jungle Planet Resource
General Information

Sirius IX

Orbital Characteristics
Satellite of

Sirius IX


Sera (moon) Numerous other small satellites

Physical Characteristics
Land Area


Water Area



Cale is a planet in the Sirius IX system.


Cale is covered in thick coniferous forests. Deciduous trees are rare because of the relatively cool climate. Cale also has a massive mountain range that spans nearly half of the planet. Interestingly, this mountain chain crawl vertically up the planet. This gives it the appearance that it has a spine. It has a single large salt water ocean. The rest of the water comes from thousands of lakes across the land.

Major Cities

  • Carthage
    • Population of 130 million
    • Spans 50 miles in every direction
    • Factory epicenter of planet
  • New Hope City
    • Population of 2 million
    • Spans 5 miles
    • Arts capital of planet
  • Majerus
    • Population of 25 million
    • Capital of Planet
    • Center of government activity
  • Bilo
    • Population 56 million
    • Centered in the Mountains
    • Major Mining center

Notable Sites

Calian Mountain chain

The Calian mountain chain is a massive chain of mile or higher mountains that travel vertically up the planet. These were caused by the planets two major tectonic plates. There is an abundance of titanium in the mountains.

Everfrost Forest

The name was coined by explorer Robert Gates. He stayed in the forest for five years and not once did the snow melt. The foest is massive dominating over %13 of the planet it is still relativley unexplored and is under federal protection.

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