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Caleb F. Aagard
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Newport, Luyten

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May 16th, 2511

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The Assembly

"Every candidate has exceeded the selection criteria... and my expectations: superior strength and speed coupled with dazzling intellects and remarkable cognitive absorption rates. In another time, each could have been the next Alexander, Cleopatra, Hannibal, or Ghengis Khan."
―Dr. Catherine Halsey's personal journal.

Caleb Ferdinand Aagard[1] (Civilian ID 78104-985-RBA8774), who might have been known as Caleb-095 had he been captured for the SPARTAN-II Program, was a citizen of the United Earth Government and sole human agent of the collective of artificial intelligences known as the Assembly in his lifetime. Early on in his life, Caleb sustained a head injury after falling off a JOTUN combine on his family's farm, and afterward displayed an inexplicable sixth sense which some believed bordered on precognition. This, however, was merely the result of an uncanny intuition, though one strong enough to inform him of danger and allow him to escape the Office of Naval Intelligence operatives sent to conscript him for the SPARTAN-IIs. Knowing it was unsafe to return home ever again, Caleb ran away, fleeing his home to make his way across the galaxy at only six years old.

Growing into a very capable young man, Caleb's activities and improbable rate of beating unfavorable odds were noticed by the AIs of the Assembly, and after careful observation, was offered missions taken on contract, and eventually trusted enough to be informed of their true nature and made their agent. With the advent of the Human-Covenant War, the missions Caleb undertook were often aimed to improve humanity's chances of survival, whether planting or erasing data which would lead to certain strategic decisions by the UNSC, or preventing Insurrectionist sabotage which would hurt their war effort. Over the years, he routinely came up against a particular Insurrectionist spy, Francesca Lesproux, and though the pair would try to kill one another on several occasions, they shared a grudging respect.

Francesca Lesproux

Their rivalry came to a sudden end when during the Battle of New Constantinople, having learned Alpha Company was taking part and eager to retaliate for their crushing of the Second Mamore Insurrection, the Insurrection's leadership ordered its cells to take advantage of the UNSC's preoccupation with a Covenant attack and leave them more vulnerable to the aliens. Francesca was alienated by their decision to help the Covenant rather than their own kind, and after sabotaging the Insurrection's efforts, fled with Caleb's help. They struck up a romantic relationship in the months afterward, but continued to act in their respective roles towards furthering humanity's war effort against the aliens. Thus, when a son was born to them, the couple entrusted him to friends of theirs on Miridem, hoping to return and raise the boy themselves if the opportunity arose.

Neither Caleb nor Francesca ever reappeared, however, killed or lost along with billions of other humans in the course of the war. Their son Kody, for his part, would be identified for his superior genetic traits inherited from his parents and conscripted as part of Gamma Company.

Notes & References

  1. The surname 'Agard' in French comes from Germanic composed of the elements agi(n) ‘edge (of a sword)’ + hard ‘hardy’, ‘bold’.