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Cameron Nadiah
Biographical Information

Singapore, Earth


August 3, 2520


July 22, 2596

Physical Description




Chronological and Political Information

Human-Covenant War

"A Hero need not speak. When they are gone, the world will speak for them..."
―Kam Nadiah (Second Battle of New Mombasa, 2552)

Cameron Nadiah (born August 3rd, 2520) was a Singaporean freelance photojournalist, based in Sydney, Australia. She has won three RSF journalism awards for her coverage on the UNSC efforts throughout the course of the Human-Covenant War and the post-war.


Life and career

Nadiah was born in Singapore. Her father, Adam D. Sayles, was an watchmaker; Nadiah's mother, Sarah Sun, was an optician. Her father is of French descent and her mother is of Chinese descent. Nadiah has two sisters, Aressya and Emma, and a younger brother, Ross. The youngest of sisters, she graduated from Nanyang High School, where she started as a student newspaper, Little Voices, and attended the Marineries University in Mars to further her studies in journalism.