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Camille Stewart
Biographical information

Earth Quebec city

Date of birth

June 20, 2575

Physical description

Rear Admiral

Hair color


Chronological and political information
Notable Facts


"I accept with some sadness this promotion as commander of the Battlegroup Everest, i think it what she want me to become."
―during the award ceremony
"Dont let me here alone."
―The last transmission send to the UNSC Everest
"Sometime i wich i could save her."
―talking about her sister
"There is a hurricane inside me that gonna wipe out without pity those Bastard"
―talking about her sister's death
"Pain is like an ocean, deep, dark, cold, it engulf every men."
―talking about pain

Early Life and military studies

Born in Quebec city in 2575 Stewart was the yougest of her family. At the age of 12 she entered in a reputate private school specialised in science as an academic formation. There she learn everything about science from Science physic to astronomy. Five years later she graduate with all honor with the mention A+ At the age of 17 she entered in the Military academy of Spengler a school for military officer similar to ROTC. There she learn everything about military life from how to survive alone during 1 months to how to Defusing an anti matter charge.

behind the sister

Stewart followed her sister learnning exactly the same thing that her sister have learn befor her. After finnishing her trainning Stewart was send on board the Okinawa a Ares Battlecruiser as one of the member of the Navy Special Warfare Group a branch of the UNSC SOCOM. Of course she didn't want to stay with the special force her dream was to be in command of her own ship just like her sister. After 2 hards years with the NSWG she reenlisted in the navy an began to study to commander. A goal that she reach 3 years later. Around this time Stewart learn the news of the death of her parents and her brother. Camille was also under the command of her sister and Fleet Admiral Jordan Davis in the Battlegroup Everest, a battlegroup that she would lead fter the tragic death of her sister.