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A UNSC special forces operator in an inactive cloak

Camouflage Cloak Mark II is an expensive UNSC disguise system.

The Cloak consists of a weave of flexible, lightweight nanotube material, capable of comfortably enveloping the body. The outer layer consists of the damage resistant hardened polymer layer. The middle layer contains an EM/thermal masking layer, utilising a powered masking system so the neither the user or the cloak release any thermal or electro-magnetic radiation. The inside layer is a thermal regulating layer to reduce heat produced by the other layers. Externally, it carries Nanotech Polymers so it can maintain passive camouflage at all times.

The outside of the cloak is studded with reinforced computer controlled holographic projectors that uses an advance CPU driven hard holographic projector to project an image designed to blend with the local environment, projecting, in effect, a holographic ghillie suit. The holograms are programmed by the central CPU and use external sensors to match localised fauna and weather conditions. These 'hard light' holograms are relatively light on power requirements, are self-adjusting to light conditions thanks to photo reactive systems and repel foreign objects through an electrostatic field, giving it the appearance of foliage. This allows it to maintain concealment in all weather conditions and all light conditions.

The suit can be powered by an independent power pack or power jack that is electromagentically and thermally masked. The pack works with a high power hydrogen battery charge, which can be recharged or replaced and carried easily in a pack pack.

The cloak reaches just below the users ankles, covering most of the feet. The cloak has an overlapping parting on the left side, allowing the user to safely stow their weapon inside the cloak while standing and easily bring the weapon out to bear. The cloak folds over the head into a hood and drops a bit below the neck and can be pinned up to hide everything except for a small gap for the eyes.

This allows it to appear utterly convincing, as convincing as hand made ghillie suits. These holograms mimic foliage, in radio to infra-red spectrums, allowing the user to remain invisible for long periods of time.

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