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40px-Help.png This article, Campaign Scoring in Halo: Hostilities, is currently under active construction.
After the main campaign has been defeated there is a meta game in Halo: Hostilities. Each task can be played from the main menu with campaign scoring activated. A guide to this can be found below.

Level Scores

Medical Exam - 15000 Points

The Eighth Plague - 15000 Points

Innocence - 20000 Points

The Cistern - 15000 Points

The Coming Flood - 30000 Points

Into Enemy Territory

Highway Star

Scarab Slayer

Buccaneer Cove

Mass Driving Instructor


Difficulty Multipliers

Easy - x0.5
Normal - x1
Heroic - x1.5
Legendery - x2

Skull Multipliers

Enemy Scores

Grunt Minor/Maijor - Base Value of 10
Jackal Minor/Maijor - Base Value of 15
ONI Profile Restricted
URF Serviceman - Base Value of 20
Drone Worker - Base Value of 5
Drone Minor/Maijor - Base Value of 10
Flood Carrier Form - Base Value of 10
Flood Combat Form - Base Value of 15
Brute Minor/Maijor/Ultra - Base Value of 20
Grunt Heavy/Ultra - Base Value of 10
Radio Ops Grunt - Base Value of 5
Jackal Sniper - Base Value of 20
ONI Profile Restricted
ONI Profile Restricted
Drone Praetorian Guard - Base Value of 15
Rorax Beetle - Base Value of 20
Hunter Pair - Base Value of 150
Hunter Predator - Base Value of 70
Brute Hazmat Trooper - Base Value of 25
Brute Commando - Base Value of 30
Brute Hussar - Base Value of 25
Brute Stalker - Base Value of 30
Brute Bodyguard - Base Value of 30
Brute Captain - Base Value of 50
ONI Profile Restricted
ONI Profile Restricted
Brute Cheiftan - Base Value of 150
Boss Battles
Oranus - Battle One - Base Value of 250
Oranus - Battle Two - Base Value of 250
Atlas Moth Twinblade - Base Value of 400
ONI Profile Restricted
Scarab Tank - Base Value of 600
ONI Profile Restricted
ONI Profile Restricted
ONI Profile Restricted

Vehicle Scores

Brute Chopper - Base Value of 100
Brute Steed - Base Value of 120
Ghost - Base Value of 100
Shade Turret - Base Value of 50
Wisp Interceptor - Base Value of 100
Banshee - Base Value of 100
Brute Prowler - Base Value of 150
Locust - Base Value of 150
Millipede Transport - Base Value of 170
Phantom Dropship - Base Value of 300
Ogre Tank - Base Value of 250
Wraith Mortar Tank - Base Value of 200
ONI Profile Restricted

Style Multipliers

Grenade Stick - x1.25 - Only counts for the stuck enemy although any other enemies killed count towards a Multi Kill Bonus
Headshot - x1.25 - Counts for a enemy that is felled with a head shot. This only applies to Brutes, Jackals, Grunts and Flood Combat Forms.
Stealth Kill - x1.25 - This only applies to enemies that are killed while being oblivious to your presence.
Road Kill - x1.25 - Applies to enemies that are hit by a vehicle and are defeated.
Multi Kill - x1.25 - Any enemies that are killed within three seconds of each other within a period of one and a half seconds.
Needler Superdetonation - x1.25 - This medal is awarded when an enemy is killed by the explosion caused by a Needler.
EMP - x1.25 - When a Brute or Jackal is defeated within three seconds of having their armor or shield destroyed by an overcharged Plasma Pistol or Power Drain.


Elite - Base Penalty of 50
Marine - Base Penalty of 50
ODST - Base Penalty of 100
Civillian - Base Penalty of 100
Mongoose ATV - Base Penalty of 50
Gauss Hog/Warthog - Base Penalty of 100
Wolverine Missile Launcher - Base Penalty of 150
Cobra Artillery - Base Penalty of 200
Scorpion Tank - Base Penalty of 200
Hornet ATV - Base Penalty of 100
Pelican Dropship - Base Penalty of 200

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