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40px-Terminal.png This article, Canonization-class Heavy Frigate, was written by Spartan 112. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
LCF Frigate
Canonization-class Heavy Frigate
Production information

Heavy Frigate

Technical specifications

1300 meters


Class-4 System

  • Anti-Plasma Torpedo counterguiding signal system
  • Pulse Laser turrets (4)
  • Lateral Plasma Torpedo launcher (2)

Human-Covenant War


Covenant Navy


The Canonization-class Heavy Frigate (UNSC Designation: HCF) is a medium-tonnage ship used by the Covenant Navy. The Canonization-class is more heavily armed than their smaller Absolution-class cousin, however what it makes up for in armor and weaponry it loses in speed. The Canonization-class is armed with four standard Pulse Laser turrets, as well as two lateral Plasma Torpedo launchers, making it a formidable craft against UNSC opponents.

The Canonization-class is equipped with a Grade-4 Starcraft Shield system, as well as an Anti-PT counterguiding system, which is effective against possible friendly fires, or potential traitors.

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