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Jacob Michael Rawlings
Biographical information

New Alexandria, Reach

Date of birth

January 29th, 2525

Physical description







BR55 Battle Rifle, M6C Sidearm


UNSC Cape Coral

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Human-Covenant War


UNSCDF - Naval Officer


Jacob Rawlings

Birth and Young Life

On a cold night, January 29, 2525, Laura Rawlings gave birth to the only son of her and Marcus Rawlings. This child was named Jacob Rawlings, and quickly was the focus of their entire life. Growing up spoiled, Jacob never heard much of the war, besides from other children at school. He quickly became friends at a young age with one Mickey Finnegan, an Irish boy in his class. The two were inseparable throughout grade school, and even into secondary school.

During his final year of Secondary school, Jacob's parents took a luxury cruise to the colony New Harmony. Subsequently after their arrival in system, the Covenant arrived, and the light-cruiser was lost with all hands. Jacob became enraged, and dropped out of his Honors classes, quickly heading to the first bar he could find. Jacob ended up getting completely intoxicated, and was pulled out of a dumpster by a Marine Recruiter.

Enlistment into the Marines

Inspired by the Marine recruiter who saved him, and driven by his hatred of the Covenant, Jacob went to enlist in the Marines the next day. Mickey accompanied him, having lost his father to the Covenant at Harvest. His dad had been a Marine who was deployed when the planet had been glassed.

Only six days into Basic Training, Jacob realized he wasn't cut out for the Marines. He was more brainpower and tactics than actual brute force. Mickey, saddened by him leaving, bade him farewell, suggesting he join the Navy in hopes they'd see each other again some day. As Jacob headed to the enlistment office, Mickey's squad was deployed from Reach, heading deep into the Outer Colonies.

ReEnlistment into Naval OCS

Signing up for the Naval OCS, Jacob easily breezed through the classes and tests with an extra year to spare. Eventually, he was graduated with High Honors, and given the rank of Ensign, placed on the UNSC Long Range Sensor Outpost in the Lambada Serpentis System.

Combat Deployment

Jacob, after the subsequent attacks on Lambada Serpentis, was stationed on various light ships, including four Destroyers and two Frigates. The only problem any of his COs had was the fact that Jacob was very controlling, and had a tendency to take charge of a ship. They all, however, put in recommendations for his promotion to Commander. These recommendations quickly had him taking the Navigational Control on the UNSC Carrier Musashi by 2547.

Incident on Chi Rio III

Four years into active duty, Jacob Rawlings was granted shore-leave, and decided to spend it at his lone cousins house on Chi Rio III. While on his two months leave he'd amounted, Jacob had met a local girl, Savanna Perez. The Latina girl and he hit it off famously, and had what Jacob thought would be a one night stand. The next morning, Jacob left, unaware of the fact that the contraceptive hadn't fully worked, and he had produced a child he'd never learn of.


After his shore-leave, Commander Jacob Rawlings participated in the Battle of Poe, in which his CO, Rear Admiral Harry Tuscany, died when a Covenant Plasma Torpedo blew through the Bridge window, half of the bridge crew including Jacob had been in cryo. Donning ODST Ballistic Armor, he and the remainder of the crew piloted the ship in Zero-Gee, getting it to a safe location where the entire crew was evacuated.

Assignment to Battlegroup October-Seven

Upon returning to Reach for debriefing, the now Captain Jacob Rawlings was met with three O.N.I. officials inside of Reach's "Sword Base". Informed of a new battlegroup, Rawlings was, without a choice, conscripted as the Battlegroup October-Seven's Commanding Officer. Little did he know, besides his exceptional qualifications, this was in fact to compensate for his child, which O.N.I. was planning on using for the Spartan-III Delta Company, which never was integrated. This child, Ricky, was abducted and flash-cloned, but was later replaced after a memory wipe, Delta Company never formally being produced.

Battle of Earth

During the Battle of Earth, Captain Jacob Rawlings deployed the troops aboard his Carrier, the UNSC Cape Coral. During both the Campaigns in the Ural Mountains, and the Campaign in New York City, Rawlings actually went down alongside his troops, leaving the ship and fleet in charge of his second-in-command. These moves were questioned and frowned apon by the general consensus at High Command, but they couldn't argue with the Morale boost it had given.

During the Battle of the Arctic, Rawlings self-piloted a C709 Longsword-Class Interceptor, carrying a Shiva Nuclear Missile. Using it, Rawlings took out three Covenant CCS Battlecruisers, a great, powerful hit for the UNSCDF.

After the War

After the war, Jacob Rawlings maintained his naval post until his retirement in 2585. During this time, he was responsible for dozens of victories against Loyalist remnants, along with various Insurrectionist movements. He is credited as one of the few Naval Officers with a registered ground kill count, his being sixty-three during the Battle of Earth. At age forty-five, he married fellow Naval Officer, Lieutenant Commander Katie Howler. Their son, Richard, ended up becoming an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, which his father supported every step of the way.

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