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The Caradi Orbital Weapon Platforms is a class of powerful, partially-automated planetary defence stations developed by the Sovereign Territories, to defend planets, colonies and asteroids from enemy attack. The Caradi was based off the UNSC's Orbital Defence Platforms, which caused numerous casualties during the Human-Covenant War with their Super Magnetic Accelerator Cannon's which could destroy a Covenant Capital Vessel within one or two shots.

With the threat of a massive Remnant invasion and with stretched and limited resources, the Sangheili needed a cheap and effective planetary defence system. Before the Sangheili had relied on massive fleet deployments to defend each individual planet from any attack, these fleets needed constant maintenance, fuel and food for its ships and crews which would also need a large logistical force to meet those requirements. The Caradi provided an alternative method.

Caradi Systems

Command Module Platform

The Command Module Platform or CMP is the heart of the Caradi System - there are as many as seven to ten on even the most heavily defended planets. The CMP acts as an amplifier from an external power sources, typically an ground-based generator on the world or colony the Caradi is protecting, and redirects the power source to its batch of Automated Weapon Platforms. A single CMP receives the output power from several Orbital Defence Platforms to reach its quite large demand. The CMP has a crew of four hundred that control the Automated Weapon Platforms, and an additional 200 warriors from the Fleet Security Division of the Sangheili War Navy, if the CMP is boarded by enemy aggressors (the four hundred strong crew are still warriors and can hold themselves in battle). The CMP has numerous repair bays and small spacial tugs to pull disabled or damaged Automated Weapons Platforms into those repair bays.


In defence, the CMP sports a powerful shield and several batteries of point-defence lasers to take on starfighters and bombers that may come too close. However, it lacks any serious weaponry to take on capital ships and cannot defeat the weakest vessel in any Remnant fleet. It fight capital vessels, the CMP relies on its servant Automated Weapon Platforms. Being at one thousand meters tall, the CMP is a third smaller than the human Orbital Defence Platforms in height.

Automated Weapon Platform

The Automated Weapon Platforms or AWP's are the muscle of the Caradi System.


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