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40px-Terminal.png This article, Carmen Diaz, was written by Agreon. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Carmen Diaz
Biographical information


Date of birth

April 13, 2523

Date of death


Physical description
  • Intel Team Specialist



5' 11"

  • MA5C
  • M7S

Dumb AI



Eye color


Notable Facts
  • Reach
  • Earth
    • New Moscow
    • Cleveland


Service Number





Carmen Diaz was a soldier of the Studies and Observation Division. She specialized in electronics and recovering intel for her squad. She fought in New Moscow. She carried the AI for her squad. Her squad was assigned to work with an Assault team. They were given the goal of recovering the artifact in New Moscow. She was the one that carried back to the extraction point. After that, she was part of the Battle of Cleveland.

Early Life

Diaz was a Hispanic girl that was born on April 13, 2523 to a family that lived on Madrigal, a mainly Hispanic planet. Carmen had 2 siblings, neither of which got recruited into the SODT program. Her father was in the UNSC Defense Force when she was born. He served in the Navy. He, most notably, fought over Harvest. Diaz would work on the family farm for her early years. When she was 5, she started school.


She was abducted for the Epsilon Project in 2532 at the age of 9. She successfully survived augmentation, and continued to fight with the 19th Marine Expeditionary Unit for her combat training. She had no major feats during this, but did kill multiple Elites, and save 2 members of the squad from certain death. After that, she graduated and was assigned to an Intel Squad.


Diaz carried a set of equipment that was developed to her combat style. Her armor was customized. She chose weapons that were not all that common among the SODTs. Also, she carried an AS2549 Portable Computer with her. Along with all that, she carried her credential crystal and the squad dumb AI.


She used a customized Epsilon Ballistic Armor. Her shoulder pauldrons were removed to allow for more mobility as well as to allow for more arm movement when using electronics. Her chest piece had a kukri attached to it. Also, she had two pistol magazine pouches on the left side of her chest plate. Her helmet had a "Hardened External Sensor Array-External" mounted onto it. She had a red armor detail on it, but the strip on her helmet remained the base color. Her leg plates and forearm pieces had a light urban camouflage pattern as often featured on the ONI variant of the ODST armor. Her rucksack was removed, and she had a grenade belt added on. Diaz also had a "real" holster for her pistol slung from her right side.


Diaz's preferred weapon was the M6C/SOCOM. She liked its power, silencer, and Smartlink. She carried it in a composite holster on the right side of her flashbang grenade belt. She also carried one M7S submachine gun. She took off the red dot sight, though. She would often keep the stock at the shortest position. She was able of shooting with the stock at her shoulder, even with it at the shortest position. She liked having the weapon close to her face, even though the smart-link did most of the job. She also would (occasionally) carry an MA5C, although she rarely did. She did not see it having much purpose over her M7S, as she was a better shot with the M7S.

40px-Terminal.png This article, Carmen Diaz, was written by Agreon. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
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