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40px-Terminal.png This article, Catch Skull, was written by Impurest Cheese. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.


The Catch Skull is of Human Origin and has a diamond etched in the forehead.
Description and Effect
The air is full of grenades as your allies and enemies gain a love of High Explosives
The Catch Skull increases the rate of Grenades thrown by both Enemies and Allies. The Catch Skull only applies to Frag Grenades, Plasma Grenades and Spike Grenades. Any allies equipped with A67 Smoke Grenades will throw them at a regular rate.
The Catch Skull increases the Meta Game Score by x1.5

Times Available

The Catch Skull appears only during the Third Hour. After this it disappears only reappearing in the last hour.


Colonial Militia Base

The Catch Skull is in the room where you picked up the Smoke Grenades during Task 1 - Medical Exam. Although not well hidden the area is crawling with Grunts and Brutes and a Hunter Pair can be found guarding the Skull. Pick up the Skull to claim it.

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