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Catherine Joyce Peters
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Catherine Peters is a Corporal in Marine Division 141, she's in Regiment Whiskey and is the sister of Mitch Peters

Early life

Catherine was born on Mars, and joined the UNSC program at the age of 18. She had an abusive father and learned at a young age how to defend herself and her brother.

In the training sessions, Catherine appeared to be a skilled shot, and she struck up a rivalry with Lewis Ryan, but she would serve under him for years.

In the UNSC

Catherine was given the rank of Corporal directly under Tristan McWillis, and they were to remain in England until needed as reinforcements. The Battle of London was Catherine 's first battle, in which her division took on a their Covenant counterpart, and defeated them. Catherine personally killed an Ultra elite, with a well placed headshot, as well as several Elites and Grunts.

Her division was then kept as defence in London until the Battle of Area 51 in which they were sent as reinforcements to the flailing marines already there. This mission was a UNSC failure, and many of Catherine's Division were casualties.

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