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Celine <\ERROR!\>
Biographical information
Place of birth

Earth (Sol System, Core worlds)

Date of birth

May 5th, 2511 (Duparquet, URNA)

Date of death

September 8th, 2552 (aged 41)

Political and military information

UNSCflag UNSC Defense Force


Master Chief (posthumous)


SpartanII Advanced War Tactics Group

Assoc. conflicts

First Great War


1× Gold Star
2× Silver Stars
Numerous others

"Turn the music up, I can still here your bleeding out."

Celine-047 (May 5th, 2511—September 8th, 2552), born as Celine <\ERROR!\>, was a special operations, chemically augmented super-soldier that served the Advanced War Tactics Group, better known as the SPARTAN-II Program.

Celine most notably served as the demolitions and explosive ordnance disposal expert for Azure Team.

Behind the Scenes

  • Despite being openly gay, Celine maintained a romantic relationship with her commanding SNCO, Keiichi-047.
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