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40px-Terminal.png This article, Center for Regenerative Medicine, was written by RelentlessRecusant. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Center for Regenerative Medicine (CRM), formerly known as the Institute for Theoretical Biotechnology, was a futuristic and high-security research division of Acumen Science Laboratories.

Created and subsequently directed by Dr. Beah Schore, it was frequently seen by high-tier Acumen executives as Schore's personal pet project, and the fact that it was a tremendously costly to operate and produced little reported results made its very funding and existence controversial — however, several highly-placed Acumen executives have kept the Institute operational, citing that it was necessary to lure away Schore from the possibility of returning to Harvard and maintaining the renowned researcher at Acumen.

Behind the Scenes

Acumen Science Laboratories
Departments Department of Bioinformatics · Department of Chemical Biology · Department of Chemical Engineering · Department of Comparative Biology · Department of Developmental Biology · Department of Heuristic Biology · Department of Medicinal Chemistry · Department of Metabolism · Department of Natural Products · Department of Neurobiology · Department of Pathology · Department of Pharmacology · Department of Signal Transduction · Department of Stem Cell Biology/Center for Regenerative Medicine · Department of Systems Biology · Department of Toxicology
Departments Chemical Biology Program · Clinical Medicine Program · Molecular and Cellular Biology Program · Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Program
Small Molecules (R)-(+)-WIN 55212 · 2C-E · A-769662 · A-83-01 · GW501516 · JZL184 · O-1783 · PK115-584 · Selegiline · WF-23
Employees Beah Schore · Benjamin Greaves · Fabien Rook · Lauryn Alden
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