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40px-Terminal.png This article, Centurion-Jay-003, was written by Cortezsniper. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Biographical information



Luxembourg, Earth

Date of birth





7 feet

Hair color


Eye color


Affiliation and military information

Air Vice-Marshall








Jay aiming his Sniper rifle

Early life

Jay was born in Luxembourg on Earth at a Classified date. He was abducted for the CENTURION I Program at age ten like most CENTURIONs. He, unlike most of the Candidates, liked the training and always wanted to keep on doing the Night drop and Underwater training missions but never did them more han once.

He was only 17 on his first mission, in which he had to protect his squad while they downloaded data on a new model of plane in an enemy bunker. During the mission his snipeing spot was overrun by Core and was thought to be KIA, although Lara tried to find him she was ordered to go back to the UNSC Iroquois. Five years later he was found on Coreandus.


"Help! Nothing to Kill!"-Jay


Jay in a Core Camp

After Jay was found he was in Critical status and had to get to a field Hospital. Jay was stabillized but was NOT fully recovered.

Two years later, when Jay was fully recovered, he went on a mission to deactivate a NOVA bomb that was stolen. He had to cover his squad while they unarmed the bomb, but this time, he asked for one of them to cover him. So with Irina, the Squad Medic he successfully covered his squad and they successfully disarmed the bomb.

On Jay's last mission, his Squad was to break out a general and destroy a radio device. Jay was the man at back or the covering man and was to cover his team from any hostile threats behind them, they found the radio device first and decided to split up ; Lara and Jay would find the UNSC general and bust him out and Irina and Alex would destroy the radio device. Irina and Alex never got any problems besides two Core squads, but Lara and Jay confronted five teams and three Squads but had no injuries. Eventually Lara and Jay got the officer out and completed the mission but when getting him out but received heavy resistance and had to hide in prison cell to take cover.


Jay had a Grim humor, as Sev in Star Wars: Republic Commando. Jay also had an interest in Intestines.


  • "Close the comm... don't shoot 3...2...1...DIE!!.Eww, his heart is on MY HELMET!"
  • "Cool Shit! His brain blew out!"
  • "You don't deserve intestines!"
  • "Eat this Biiii-aaatch!"
  • "While he's asleep lets cut him open so when he wakes up he's like 'AAAHHHH!!!MY INTESTINES!! SON OF A BITCH!'"

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