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Well Enough Alone

Ceres is a small planet far from colonized space. It contains unbelievable amounts of wildlife, large mountains with deep, deep canyons and vast forests with giant flora. But underneath all of that, it holds much, much more dangerous secrets.


Ceres is untold ages old, but little of its' history is known. It is known it was used by the Forerunners as an installation for studying the Hydra and Flood, then later as a weapons testing installation. Ceres was destroyed when it fired in 2556.

Recent History

In 2555, the UNSC North Star arrived at Ceres after following a signal from The Beacon. They set up camp and kept a UNSC outpost on the planet for nearly a year. Then, all contact was lost.

Ceres Locations

  • Brokenback Mountain
    • Brokenback Base
  • Aprih Village

Flora and Fauna

  • Rocnars
  • Carav Lizards

Other Celestial Bodies in the Ceres System

  • Stars
    • Hades
    • Vulcan
  • Other Planets
    • Demeter
    • Janus
    • Thoth
    • Ma'at

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