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"Blam! Ohhhh, he ain't pretty no more"
―Charlotte after shooting an enemy in the face.

Biographical information
Place of birth

Jericho VII

Date of birth




Political and military information

Team Foxtrot Alpha, SPARTAN III Gamma Company, UNSC Navy


Chief Warrant Officer




Silver Star


Chief Warrant Officer Charlotte-G273 is the Main Sniper of Team Foxtrot Alpha. She has exceptionally good eyesight, even for a SPARTAN, and can even make out the slightest of shapes far out into the distance. This helps when it comes to finding targets. She often carries an M392 DMR or an M6G PDWS as a secondary weapon and SRS99 as primary.


Charlotte's Prototype armour

Charlotte has a SCOUT CBRN/CNM, SNIPER shoulders, TACTICAL/PATROL chest and a TACTICAL/UGPS on her wrist.

Early Life

Charlotte lived on Jerico VII for much of her childhood. She was carefree and overall a happy child. Tragedy struck her when her home was glassed. Amazingly she had been lucky enough to escape on a UNSC Frigate sent to rescue as many civilians as possible. She never saw her parents again and presumed them dead. She was taken to a Pelican dropship on the Frigate and lead inside. At once she realised that there were only children on the vehicle and became very worried. As the dropship took off she was told she and the other children were told that they were going to to become weapons to get revenge on the Covenant, starting her new life as a SPARTAN


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