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Cherynobhhyl Massacre

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Cherynobhhyl Massacre
ChrynobhhylmassacreThe Sons of Imrahn, as seen through a Security Console


Cherynobhhyl Rebellion


June 4th, 2532


Hardin City, Cherynobhhyl


UNSC Victory



Sons of Imrahn



Dimitri Petrovic†

  • UNSC Marines
    • Delta Platoon
    • Echo Platoon
  • UNSC Army
    • 21st Battalion
  • UNSC Air Force
    • Unnamed Skyhawk Squadron
  • Sons of Imrahn
    • Sons of Imrahn Leading Personnel
    • Several hundred Rebel Followers
  • Bravo Platoon
    • 30 Dead, 2 Wounded
  • Delta Platoon
    • 12 Dead, 8 Wounded
  • 21st UNSC Army Battalion
    • 46 Dead, 30 Wounded
  • Several hundred Cherynobhhyl Rebels
  • All Sons of Imrahn leading personnel

The Cherynobhhyl Massacre was a Mass Killing of civilians on the UNSC Colony Cherynobhhyl organized by the Rebel Gang Sons of Imrahn . Several thousand citizens of Hardin City were killed, along with approximately 120 UNSC Marines and Soldiers. The majority of the massacre occured before UNSC Forces arrived on Cherynobhhyl, originating by a 4 man Terrorist Team lead by Dimitri Petrovic at the Hardin City Mall. After the UNSC Arrived, all 3 Terrorists were killed, while Petrovic was captured by Police Forces, and the Rebel Followers of the Sons of Imrahn attacked the UNSC Forces. After locating the Rebel Outpost outside of Hardin City, a Squadron of Skyhawk Jets led by Staff Sergeant Donovan Schmidt destroyed it with an Air Strike.

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