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Chimera AICV
Production information

Armoured Infantry Combat Vehicle

Technical specifications
  • Nanotube Plating
  • Ceramic plating
  • Kinetic absorbing plates
  • Ablative plating
Sensor Systems
  • Thermal cameras
  • Optical Cameras
  • Ionic Smoke Launchers
  • LASER warning receiver
  • RADAR warning receiver
  • Point Defence Particle beam
  • RADAR jammer
  • Heavy Particle Cannons
  • 12mm Cannon
  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • Electronic Warfare Operator


  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Necros War


Plainsfier Tribes


The Chimera-class Armoured Infantry Combat Vehicle is a Plainsfierian IFV.


The Chimera AICV is a light, agile and powerful IFV type vehicle for ferrying combat squads into combat situations. The Chimera is fitted with light armour, composed of nanotube, ceramic and ablative plates, backed up by kinetic energy absorbing plates and has advanced active defences, though in the end, its main defence is speed and stealth. The Chimera is fitted with stealth coating, rendering it near invisible to RADAR, LIDAR and infra-red, passive camouflage and active phased array optical camouflage. It is powered by twin hydrogen engines, powering the six by six wheel drive. It can keep up with faster vehicles over rough terrain, while remaining steady. The vehicle can take a electronic warfare operator, who can engage the enemy from electronic mediums, intercepting, jamming and confusing enemy radio, RADAR and other sensors and communication methods, while protecting friendly units from being engaged and attacked through the electromagnetic spectrum. The Chimera is fully fitted and can carry 7 armed soldiers into combat. Its stabilized turret is fitted with a heavy particle cannon and a 12mm cannon.

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