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40px-Terminal.png This article, Chinese Civil War, was written by XW3 AR3 L3GION. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Second Chinese Civil War, also known as the War of Liberation for the Chinese People, was an eight year long (2028-2036) civil war between the patriotic military units of the People's Liberation Army and loyal citizens of the Communist Party of China and Republican forces consisting of renegade military personnel and citizens, who desired a liberal democratic government and a freedom for all citizens similar to the freedom enjoyed by the Western powers.

While the Republican movement started small, it grew rapidly due to the Tienanmen Slaughter where over one hundred and fourty people, many of them students engaged in a peaceful protest over the lack of concessions made by the Chinese government despite their new found wealth and power in the Asian sphere, were fired upon by the Cinese military forces. The Chinese government began a crackdown on 'capitalist revolutionaries' pushing the Chinese to open rebellion.

Although at the beginning Republican Forces were outnumbered, dissention quickly spread amongst the Communist Forces when the Chinese Command made brutal systematic checks to insure that their remaining soldiers did not also have Republican tendencies which included the execution of General Chon Wu, a popular leader respected by many in the military forces because of his actions in the Sino-Indian War of 2018.

General Wu became a martyr for the Republican cause and soon civil war had broken out in the streets of the cities of China.



By 2028, the People's Republic of China had become a superpower on a similar level as the United States of America (which had yet to fully pull themselves out of the recession) and the newly founded European Federation led by the Federalist Party of Europe. On the global economy, the Renminbi kept up with the Euro and the US dollar.

All this new found wealth went to the heads of the corrupt leaders of the Communist Party. Combined with their military power, China made major pushes to form a common South-East Asian market (similar to the Eurozone) was also being put on the table. However, none of this new-found wealth ended up in the hands of the Chinese populace despite many demanding better concessions from the government. The Communist Party, however, was not backing down and continued to abuse their power. They began to use soldiers to put down the inevitable riots and political protests. The world watched in horror as blood was again being spilled on Tienanmen Square.

In a show of strength and to demonstrate their unwillingness to suffer the anti-government protests, ordered the military forces into Tiananmen Square. Some believe it was to be a miscommunication on part of the commander of the military forces in Tiananmen, while others argue that the higher command structure actually ordered it but whatever the case, the military forces had began firing on the protesters. General Wu's children died in the massacre. Deverstated, General Wu began conspiring against the Communist government.

First Year - Open Rebellion

While General Wu was only a junior member of the Communist Party, he had gained allies amongst the Army, Navy and the Air Force due to his actions in the Sino-Indian War, where he saved the lives of his troops by not committing them to the Nathula Pass which was heavily defended by the 1 Gorkha Rifles.

He became a martyr for the Republican cause and images of his famous handshake with captured Indian POW's were circulated around the entire of China by the underground Republican movement.

Second Year - Communist Pushed Back

Third Year - Communist Strike Back

Fourth Year - Republican Victory

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