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Cindy Davidson
Biographical information

Earth Germany

Date of birth

December 8 2553

Physical description

General of the UNSC Air Force



Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
Notable Facts

UNSC Air Force

"Unfortunatly for them im not yet dead. Until that day i wich them good luck. They will never past the perimeter. Just try!! I will smack them with WELCOME TO EARTH like fist! Im gonna show them how human fight. They will know Earth belong to humans."
―Talking about the new defence grid of earth.


Cindy is the older sister of Francis Davidson born in 2553 she is 16 year older than her brother she is born in the Berlin medical center in a unsc base. For her brother she is the perfect model of courage. As she gain the second hightest rank of the UNSC Air Force and is also the second in command after Ross East. Very sportive, she participate to the olympics games at 14 year old she later at the age of 17 joined the the UNSCAF, over the years she became a hightly rewarded and skilled pilot. Just befor the Necros war, she was stationned on earth so it was almost inpossible to see her brother. When the War begun she became the second in charge of the entire Air Force of the UNSC. In the course of the war the Necros war finally atacked Earth she established the defence plan of the planet.