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AV Suit
Class AV Combat Flight Suit
Production History

Corrob Industries


UNSC, Pilot Corps


The Class AV Combat Flight Suit is a flight suit designed specifically for fighter pilots. It can be sealed spacetight, and has a mounting for an oxygen tank and a helmet. It serves as a sort of Flak vest, and defends the pilot from anti-aircraft fire and shrapnel should he take damage in the atmosphere. It also serves as a climate control vest, being able to heat or cool the occupant. It is also used as a armor. Should a pilot be forced to bail out, or he/she is engaged in combat on the ground, it can serve as a sort of armor, being able to take several plasma shots before failing. It has a holster for a pistol, as well as pockets for ammunitionand supplies. It has stealth capabilities, and some versions are advanced with photo reactive panels. The suit defualt itself is a dull bronwn, with black lining imbetween the brown. However, it can be cofigured for different terrains, such as artic, jungle, and desert, as well as matte black. It has been said to look similar to SPI armor or Mjolnir EVA armor with the helmet on.

It does not give the user an extra strengh, but if used with a Pilot Interface Mk.3, it has sensors that can be directly linked to the user's preexising sensory patterns, giving them enhanced hearing and vision. Some later models were configured with sheilding, but these are highly rare. However, several were given to pilots of the 112th, most notablby Major William Stort. It can take similar amounts of plasma to higher end marine models, and higher end models of the AV can sometimes take as much damage as Mjolnir armor without shielding. It has a HUD for the pilot when used on the ground, and can link with any registered UNSC weapon using sensors in the gloves. It can link with the Pilot Interface Mk.3 to display this hud directly onto the user's retina, or even by unconscious feelings. It has been noted for high mobility, as well as being a very agile suit. It can carry a dumb AI, but with a Mk. 3 Pilot Interface, it can carry even a smart AI. The class AV was eventually replaced with the Class AX Combat Flight Suit.