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Colonial Independence Militia
Political information
Type of government

Secessionist paramilitary political organisation

Founding document



2556 Megiddo Declatation of Dominion

Head of State

Premier Ivan Thorsson

Executive branch

Prime Minister

Legislative branch

Colonial Parliament of Mediggo

Judicial branch

Supreme Court of Megiddo

Societal information

Wolf 1481 / Megiddo

Official language
  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Finnish

UN Credit (cR)

Historical information
Formed from


Date of fragmentation


Date of reorganization


Date of dissolution



As one of literally hundreds of small secessionist organisations founded to promote colonial self-sufficiency and autonomy, the CIM did very little to stand out compared to rival groups during the Insurrection, or even the Great War, restricting itself to terrorist bombings, anti-UNSC propaganda, and occasionally looting UNSC assets for weapons, equipment, and finances. After the conclusion of the war, however, the CIM would play a vital role in the defence of Megiddo, reluctantly assisting UNSC forces during the evacuation of civilian areas and deploying its own soldiers and commandoes against Blood Covenant forces alongside UNSC Marines, soldiers and even Spartans. After the battle, the CIM would become a legitimate political party, heavily involved in the reconstruction of Megiddo, and agreeing to many UNSC concessions in exchange for laying down arms.



Human-Covenant War

War of Vengeance


  • Premier Ivan Thorsson (2499-2525) - founder of the Colonial Independence Militia, "Premier" Ivan Thorsson's originally peaceful intentions were provoked by an increasing level of paranoia among the CAA and restrictions on colonial interstellar travel. Killed in 2525 by a Beta-5 Division special warfare team.
  • Premier Teuvo Erkki (2525-2542) -
  • Premier Sami Ransu (2542-2555) -
  • Prime Minister Anja Gudrud (2556-2560) - The first head of the CIM to serve as prime minister. Prime Minister Anja Gudrud would serve a single term, retiring in 2560 in an unsuccessful attempt to help boost her party's chances of regaining a majority government and prevent a conservative victory.