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Colonial Protectorate
Political information
Type of government


Head of State

Colonial Director Cancer Abrams


General of Operations Celeste Abrams

Societal information
Official language



None offical

Historical information
Date of establishment


Date of fragmentation


Date of reorganization



The Colonial Protectorate is a Human rebel faction with roots in a nother rebel faction originating in the twenty-fourth century. It was the main nemesis to pro-UNSC forces during the Splinter War; by the start of said war, it had amasssed roughly 350,000 militamen, ranging from civillians that took in the Protectorate's radical beliefs to ex-United Nations Space Command special forces operators that have also been strongly swayed in the depressing times following the Human-Covenant War. In addition, the Protectorate had concocted a fleet of 250 spacefaring vessels; this included one destroyer, three frigates, two corvettes, several once abandoned assault craft, and hundreds of modified armed and unarmed civillian vessels ranging in size from twenty-five meters to two-hundred meters. It had also amassed hundreds of Pelican dropships, warthogs, mongooses, and various other military vehicles.

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