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The Council of Ministers is the governing body of the Sangheili following their separation from the Covenant. It is made up of an even number of ministers, as well as a Sangheili occupying the position of Mediator. There is no "prime minister", the Mediator serves more as a guide to help the ministers come to agreement.


  • Mediator - Togu 'Retak
  • Minister of Harmony - Lisah 'Ileal
  • Minister of Worship - Aibu 'Ihsam


The official greeting between ministers is as follows:

Minister 1: “Does your spirit run pure?”
Minister 2: “It does. And your own?”
Minister 1: “As gallant as the moonlight to the seas.”
Minister 2: “May it do so for all time.”
Minister 1: “And be it yours follow the same course.”

This essentially asks if the ministers are of healthy mind and body, confirms this as a fact, and expresses hope that it will always remain so. Even if one of the ministers is not healthy, they are expected to keep up the appearance of a gods-blessed able-bodied leader of the people, and so must lie for the sake of the people they serve.