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Courage Bomber
Production information


Technical specifications

equivalent to UNSC Grade 2

  • 2x 20mm railguns nose
  • 2x 20mm railguns tail
  • 2x 20mm railgun top turret
  • up to 50000 lbs bombs and missiles
  • Heavy Bomber
  • Interdictor

Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


The Courage Bomber is a heavy bomber of the Vorenus Imperium.


The Vorenus Courage Bomber looks like similar to a World War II-era bomber, with a long fusalage, wings rooted closer to the nose than the tail, and guns in the nose, the tail, and in a top turret. The tail has a T-shaped fin attached. In spite of the aircraft's great mass and primative appearance, the four engines are extremely powerful, being capable of flying into space. The Courage Bomber carries two 20mm railguns in each of the three gun positions on the aircraft, the nose, the tail, and the top turret. These railguns provide some measure of defense against enemy fighters, but the Courage Bomber still usually escorted by friendly fighters. The Courage Bomber can carry a formidable bombload of over 50000 pounds of ordinance. These weapons may include various types of bombs specialized for use in both carpet bombing enemy troop concentrations and percision munitions deliveries. The Courage can also carry large numbers of air-to-ground missiles fo devastating entire armored columns, and anti-spacecraft interdictor missiles for engaging capital ships.

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