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The planet during construction by the Forerunner; 107,000 BCE.

Second Rim (Orion Spur)


FLEETCOM Sector Nine


Theta Artemis System


Theta Artemis Prime

  • T-28 Δ Bootis a
  • T-28 Δ Bootis b
  • T-28 Δ Bootis c (consumed)
  • T-28 Δ Bootis d (consumed)
Distance from Core

From Sun: 1.201 AU
From Earth: 358 lightyears


ASP (Temperate-terrainean)


13,850 kilometers




Min Temp.: -82ºF / -63ºC (2499)
Max Temp.: 114ºF / 46ºC (2546)


0.94 G

Primary terrain

Land: 34.5%
Water: 65.5%

Native species





Crossroads, formerly known as T-28 Delta Bootis and known officially as the Federal Capitalist Colony of Crossroads, was a planet (actually a Forerunner-made shield world) located in the Theta Artemis System of the Second Rim. One of the twelve planets in its bustling system, it would grow into a mighty military stronghold following the Human-Covenant War, even surpassing the feats of Reach.

One of the more notable ventures of human ingenuity was the massive Owens Shipyard, a privately owned shipyard that produced vessels of both NaTech and Reyes-McLees design. Capable of producing two cruisers and six frigates/destroyers within a month, its behemoth size could only be desired by rivals of its time.


During Forerunner Era

At some point between 110,000 and 104,000 BCE, the Forerunner began construction on a planet that would be employed as a super-shelter during a war with another Tier-1 species, whereas other known shield worlds were created during the Forerunner-Flood War. Archeological evidence shows that its population never grew above one million and was abandoned early in the war against the Flood early on since it was outside the Maginot Sphere. It was unknown to any other sentient species of its artificial history until the 2740s.

Modern Era

As with many other colonies, it was originally occupied by a expeditionary detail of the UNSC Engineering Corps in 2477 as a remote scanning outpost. Before long, an offworld ONI research station was established. After fifteen years, Crossroads was opened to colonization by civilians, though its remote location left it small in population as it had only twenty-five thousand citizens by 2523, at which time its name was changed from T-28 Delta Bootis to Crossroads. A basic government was organized and put into action, and weeks afterward the colony's first planetary guard was erected to replace its under-financed Colonial Militia, though at first it consisted of only two hundred constabularies.


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