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The D72-TC King Penguin, formally known as the Dropship 72 - Troop Carrier, is a modern military multipurpose thrust-vectoring jet-powered armed dropship operated by the UNSC Special Operations Command. It is designed as the successor to UNSCSOCOM's other transport aviation craft, such as the D25-UC Heron and the D77-TC Pelican dropships, and is intended to become the primary airborne troop transport of the UNSC Special Operations Command by 2500, and at that time, will undergo limited deployment in the UNSC Army and the UNSC Marine Corps.

The King Penguin is a jet-powered aircraft, and thus is more akin to the D77-TC Pelican Dropship than the older D25-UC Heron Helicopter; it utilizes advanced air-injected thrust vector control (TVC) to allow for vertical take-off-and-landing (VTOL) and for highly complex airborne maneuvers and precise flight and combat control and is highly maneuverable for its hull classification. The King Penguin integrates novel military design aspects, such as thrust vector control (TVC), electronic warfare (EW), electronic countermeasures (ECM), and classified airframe stealth characteristics to produce a highly-advanced gunship / troop transport to support the aviation requirement of the UNSC Special Operations Aviation Reconnaissance and to support UNSC special forces teams across the galaxy.

A classified number of prototype King Penguins are operated by the UNSC Army UNSC Special Operations Aviation Reconnaissance, including aviators of the 5th Special Operations Wing attached to Task Force 51 in the Midgard Theater of Operations. One of the first known usages of King Penguin models was in April 9, 2578 on Bifröst, Alpha Corvi System, where three King Penguins supported OPERATION: Rally Violet, a UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence and UNSC Ranger Corps operation.

Behind the Scenes

  • The D72-TC King Penguin is named after the King Penguin, an Antarctican penguin species of the Aves (bird) genetic special class.
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