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Dak was a Kig-yar who, during the 9th Age of Reclamation, served under Jiralhanae Ship Master Aeson on the ship Zealous Missionary as an independent contractor.


He had a sharp wit, allowing him to preform more successfully at gambling. Combined with the greedy nature of Kig-yar society, this gave him an extremely arrogant demeanor.


When he was the first one to become aware of Jitji sneaking around the ship in active camouflage, he disregarded the chain of command entirely. Instead of reporting the Unggoy, he tried to hunt him down himself with the intent of devouring a fresh Unggoy - his favorite taste. However, Jitji had other plans.

As soon as Dak turned his back, Jitji struck. While he was unfit for a direct attack, the Unggoy managed to lob a plasma grenade onto Dak's back. While he was finally able to admit to behaving foolishly, he was unable to learn from the experience.


  • Zealous Missionary crew records
  • ONIAI Lazarus historical record 2473249963 (JITJI25521023)

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