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Daniel's Tomb, as it was named by the UN forces who discovered it, is a small Forerunner complex existing over three kilometers under Sydney, Australia. The HighCom complex known as the Hive connects with it. It houses the Blind Cartographer, a message to the Reclaimers delivered in verbal speech. It also contains a room referred to by the Covenant as the Pathway of Untroubled Certainty, which allows its user to experience a hallucinogenic fantasy to bring out any doubts from their mind and harden their resolve.


  • Its name refers not to the Biblical prophet Daniel, but to the fallen angel of the same name. Daniel was the 7th Watcher of the 20 leaders of the 200 fallen angels, and his name means "God has judged". The Watchers were fallen angels who interbred with humanity, producing giants. It is written that they lay bound in the valleys of the Earth until Judgment Day.