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"Burn you sucker, burn!"
―A civilian, burning the infected using matches and gasoline.

50 years after the events of the Yanme'e-UNSC Joint Defensive Campaign, Darfur became the infected. Darfur had been fought for in the 2000s, but as this happened, a militia created a biological virus that would turn the humans into savage beasts with only one instinct, to hunt. This got out of hand in 2020, when it was contained. But in the 2600s, it was re-released. By then Africa was long away from any other country, but the virus absolutely had to be contained, due to the risk of losing millions of lives, and a continent itself. The UNSC called upon help from the Sangheili and Yanme'e, but many of them got infected too.

Effects of The Virus

A slow and steady process, this happens over 5 hours, within the first hour, the effects are losing hair, graying skin, and nausea. Within the next two hours the infection reaches your lungs, slowing breathing, leading to internal bleeding, during the fourth hour the infection will reach your brain, and you will start to become twitchy, and will have violent mood swings. At the last hour your heart slows to a stop, your brain becomes infected, and you die. The infection reboots your nervous system entirely, giving you ten more minutes of life, but soon after, you are under the control of the virus, dead, but alive.


There is no known cure for the virus, but it can be eliminated permanently. Killing the victim in the last ten minutes is a known way to stop the virus, but this requires a shot directly through the heart or brain. Dismembering body parts will make the useless, and if all arms and legs are blown off, they can be dealt with by simply burning, it takes longer, but is an easy way to destroy them.


The virus is only two known weaknesses are fire, and plasma. Both burning objects, plasma weapons are great for eliminating the infected, if hit in a weak spot. Weak spots are spots prone to weakness, such as the head, heart, and spine. This has led to sneak attacks, as it takes an approximate 5 seconds for an infected to turn around at a 360 degree angle. Another way is securing the area with a line or ring of fire, this can be done with a simple match, as the infected burn easily due to dead tissue, and in rare places, bones showing. Anything flammable will destroy the infected, as acid, explosions, oil with a match, gasoline, methane, (Flatulence is an example) etc. Even large amounts of vinegar will weaken them.


To get infected, one must breathe in contaminated air, usually only small amounts build up around the victim, these are enough to infect a life form. When a horde is created, biomass starts to form, this is extra dead tissue, that is built up, and combined to form biomass. A large pile of contaminated air is built up around the horde biomass, thus needing breathing apparatus to destroy a mound of biomass. When the mound is burnt, the air is replaced by smoke, which overcomes the particles of contaminated air, cleansing the area of any signs of the infected.

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