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"Snipin' is a good job mate. Out o' doors, challengin' work, guarantee you'll never go hungry, because at the end of the day as long as there's one brute left out there, someone will want him dead."
―Private First Class David Huntsman, on sniping.

Private First Class David Steven Huntsman was a sniper in the UNSC Marines after the Human-Covenant War. He was a member of the same squad as Delmond Conagher and Ivan Reznov.


Early Life

"Gotta say, my parents; do not care for my job."
―David Huntsman, on his parents opinion of his job.

David was born in Sidney Australia to Mitchell and Nora Huntsman on April 19, 2532 but due to his parent's support of the Insurrection they moved and he grew up on Sigma Octanus. Despite, and even hiding, his parents' ideology, David joined the UNSC after the Covenant attacked his homeworld, and became a marine scout sniper. This would be a sticking point for his family for years to come, but tales of his and his unit's bravery would soften his parents' view.

"What the bloody difference is, dad, is that one's a job and the other is a mental defect!"
―David, arguing with his father.