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David Plissken
Service Information

Second Lieutenant

  • Formerly
    • 47th Infantry Regiment
    • Special Tactics and Operations unit, Bravo squadron, Air Troop
  • 117th Special Operations Squadron
Biographical Information
Date of Birth




Hair Color

Brown, shoulder length

Eye Color


Combat Information

"I thought you were dead"
―Private Delgado

Early Life

David Plissken was raised on Earth, in the city of New York in a middle class family. While he had no odd history to his childhood, he was noted for small occurences of petty crime. He excelled at sports, being extremely active and fit, being a star in the junior american basket and baseball leagues. After he graduated school, he was recruited by the Marines. He entered basic before leaving as a corperal with honours.


He joined the 47th Infantry Regiment. He served with distinction for several years, reaching the rank of Lieutenant and being recruited for the Special Operations and Tactics unit. He fought during the bitter campaign to retake Akuze where he not only lost his left eye but his whole unit. His unit were abandoned behind enemy lines on a special operations mission and only he escaped back to the UNSC's lines. The operation was classified and his unit were listed as MIA. Despite his attempts to get the 'Akuze Ruse' made public, it remained under lock and key. With his honour ruined and his men being dishonoured in death, he left the UNSC. He became a rebel, refusing to admit to authority. Hooking up with a number of criminals, they attempted to rob a UNSC federal reserve outside of Houston, Texas. He was caught and sentenced to life in a maximum security military prison. He was pulled out nearly a year later to preform a special operations mission in 2608, retrieving a stolen nuclear missile from rebels. He completed his mission, which brought his name to the attention of the 117th Special Operations Regiment. He was recruited on the notion that 'if he betrays the unit, they'll field execute him themselves'.

Personal Life

Personal Preferences


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