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Deceit Interdictor
Production information
Technical specifications

The Deceit Interdictor is a Vorenus craft.


The Deceit Interdictor is essentially the Valiant Interdictor, but with stealth capabilities.

UNSC Remarks

Air/Space craft of the Vorenus Imperium

Light Fighters

Vandal Interceptor

Medium Fighters

Bandit Fighter

Heavy Fighters

Gunner Heavy Fighter | Aggitator Fighter Bomber


Valiant Interdictor | Courage Bomber

Ground Attack

Rampage Attack Craft

Stealth Craft

Deciever Fighter | Deceit Interdictor | Deception Bomber

Recon Craft

Swift Recon Craft

Support Craft

Meddler Electronic Support Craft | Resolute Assault Shuttle | Faithful Shuttle


Dasher LD | Ravager HD | Consolidator SHD

Attack VTOLs

Invader LAG | Marauder MAG | Dominator HAG

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